My Style Journal: Shopping Shein On Beyonce’ Internet Cause The “Rona” At The Mall

Actual footage of me heading to my computer to shop.

Dave Chappelle told you years ago, “women be shopping” no need to assume the “Rona” has changed that because it hasn’t. If anything it has made us more intentional and attentive while shopping. However, even in the midst of a global pandemic, our need for a little (or a lot) of retail therapy is sheltered in place within us just as we are sheltered within our homes. Well, some of us are sheltered in because some of you have allowed these Republicans to trick you into going outside.

What has changed for me and many of the members of my tribe is our willingness to just throw it in the bag. Yeah, we want what we want but we understand that now is not the time to do the most in regards to finances. God forbid it gets worse, we need to have funds available to buy a lifetime supply of toilet tissue before you buy it all up, again.

While I have been a bargain shopper my entire life, I was also an impulsive shopper who occasionally splurged. If you know me, you know that while I am not big on designer bags and shoes, designer glasses are my thing. I mean, I have to see and I have to slay, so don’t judge me. However, in these uncertain times, any purchases that I make must be very budget-friendly.

Maui Bigelow wearing Shein Curves
Photo By Daja Amyia

Oh, and while I would love to be out shopping per usual BC (before Coronavirus), I will not allow the fool in the White House or his buddies to trick me into becoming a victim of COVID-19. So your girl is on Beyonce’s internet, shopping on a budget because it is my happy place and I need clothes to slay in when the real pop-out is approved by the CDC.

One of my favorite places to shop for budget-friendly clothing is Shein. Shein has an array of clothing, shoes, accessories, and home decor that is priced to accommodate the strictest of budgets. The clothes, shoes, and accessories meet the needs of men, women, and children. Most of all, they are curvy girl friendly and their #sheincurves department filled with clothing for every woman despite where life takes her (once the “Rona” is gone).

Check out this cute comfortable dress I got from Shein Curve and how I styled it.


Maui Bigelow wearing Shein Curves
Photo by Daja Amyia

So yeah, stay home, the mall is too germy and may have a hint or two of the “Rona”. Shop Beyonce’s internet, it is safe and clean here. because I love you, here is a code for you to use while shopping Shein, Mauib15. This code will give you 15% off your purchase which makes it cheap cheap.

Oh and, when shopping Shein, I advise you to size up because most pieces run smaller than usual.