My Style Journal: Pop Your S#!t With A Pop Of Color

Only a fool would dispute the fact that there is a feminist revolution taking place. Women are ruling from the bedroom to the boardroom and every space in between. While there is no denying the power of women, there are still individuals (mainly men) who feel that women should be seen and not heard and unfortunately, there are women who buy into that sexist ignorance. I am not one of those women, I pop my s#!t as often as possible and I encourage you to do the same sis.

In 2020, women’s voices are too necessary for us to be silent. Our stories are vital to the glow and growth of a generation of girls that will become the women who rule the world. They need to witness our strength and hear our stories, but most of all they need to know that they have what it takes.

Please note, popping your s#!t doesn’t mean being rude or disrespectful to others; it is simply a call for women to do their thing to the best of their ability. For me, I pop my s#!t be speaking and writing my truth, advocating for women/girls and being fearfully and unapologetically me.

Listen sis, you only have one life to live; live it in a manner that displays your dopeness while contributing to the lives of others. Oh and, live out loud and without one damn apology. Even when you error, learn from those mistakes and continue to pop your s#!t.


So yeah, pop your s#!t, and pop style; remember that be it fashion or life, a pop of brilliance is a beautiful thing. Finding the courage to pop out and pop your s#!t is freeing, powerful, and badass, especially when you consider all the ways society attempts to dumb women down.

Of Course, I practice what I preach sis. No matter the affirmations I speak each morning, I always say, “TODAY I WILL POP MY S#!T IN THE BEST MANNER POSSIBLE!” and I make every effort to assure I do just that.

Tell me, how do you encourage yourself to be your best daily?