My Style Journal: Making Summer Fashion Fall Friendly

Photos by P. Dillon Photography

While I have been waiting for Mother Nature to take her foot off South’s neck, I am not looking forward to putting away my Spring/Summer fashion. Although I am not here for the heat, I love Spring/Summer fashion; shorts, crop tops, strapless pieces, little flirty dresses and of course sandals. Now don’t get it twisted I slay despite the weather but being as cute as I want to be in the extreme cold is a challenge that I don’t always welcome. Lucky for me and many of you, the weather is currently at a point where we can still rock many of our faves by remixing the look a little.

As a single mother who is always on a budget, I can’t afford to totally ditch my entire wardrobe with the change of each season. Also, as a fashionista, there are pieces that I know can be styled in a manner that will allow them to transition into different seasons. All it takes is an open mind and a dash of creative juices to turn a Summer slay into some Fall fabulousness and I got the juice.

Photo by P. Dillon Photography

Most of you know that I live for a great red lippie but my love for the color red doesn’t end there. While I have heard thousands of times that red and other bright colors aren’t plus-size friendly, I love red articles of clothing. Whether it is a pop of color, a monochromatic or mix-n-match situation, red is the perfect color for a woman that wants to have an “all eyes on me” moment. Oh, and despite my size and what society thinks, I want and deserve that moment every time I enter a room and so do you.

Because I am that bold fat black woman who is okay with being seen and heard, I thought this red jumpsuit would be perfect for iOne Digital’s Creative Class event in Atlanta. However, since it was an evening rooftop event, I knew that it would have to be layered in a way that would be stylish and Fall friendly.

Pairing this red jumpsuit with a polka dot blouse was the proper set off especially with the addition of a whole lot of confidence and accessories that were both stylish and trendy. Because I know you want all the deets of this look, I have listed them below. so, get your stroll on sis!


Photo by P. Dillon Photography
Maui Bigelow wearing Honey's Child Boutique
Photo by P. Dillon Photograpy

So, what do you think, cute or nah? Also, head over to the PHAT Girl Fresh Facebook page and share a picture of a Spring/Summer look youre transitioning into Fall. Place the picture in the comments under this post, you know I want to see what you’re working with sis!