MY STYLE JOURNAL: Be The Pop Of Color Black & White Needs

I’m sure many believe life would be more comfortable If things were just black and white. However, the truth is, things are seldom just black and white because somewhere in between those two is a grey area. While sticking to black and white may be safe, it is also boring, and it lacks personality. I mean really, sometimes you have to take a risk and be that pop of color needed to set black and white off.

I am sure a few of you are wondering, is she talking about fashion, or is she talking about life. The answer is, I am talking about both. This is “My Style Journal,” and in my style journal, I combine the two things that influence style most, fashion and life. You notice I didn’t say size, money, or age; because none of those mentioned above should determine how you pop style.

Both black women and plus-size women are oftentimes, encouraged to dumb things down or play it safe in life and fashion. According to society, if you are a certain size or highly melanated, too much color is a no. Bright colors and vibrant energy garner the attention that we shouldn’t want because of who we are and who society says we aren’t. However, society is often wrong and this time isn’t any different because as a plus-size black woman, I want to be seen and heard as I enjoy life and create moments that are as brilliant as a box of crayons.

Writer/ Style Influencer Maui Bigelow
Photo by Kaylin James

I respect those of you who would prefer to play it safe and coast through life without drama or any extra attention. However, that’s not how I want to live; variety, excitement and even a little drama are the things that add spice to our lives and I want spice sis. Yeah, there are moments when the simplicity of black and white is all that is needed but there are plenty of moments when color is vital. Don’t be afraid to be or apply a pop of color to life and fashion because it will be a game-changer for sure.

Writer and Style Infuencer Maui Bigelow
Photo By Kaylin James

My Style Journal

Writer and Style Infuencer Maui Bigelow
Photo By Kaylin James

Abstract Jumpsuit: ASOS Curve

Industrial Belt: Off-White

Red Loafers: Nine West

Writer and Style Infuencer Maui Bigelow
Photos by Kaylin James

Tassel Earrings: Rainbow

Custom Wig: Trices Pieces Wigs

Eyeglasses: Givenchy