My Style Journal: Feeling Good & Looking Great In My Jibri Jumpsuit

Photo by P. Dillon Photography

I truly believe that all is fair in love and war. However, nothing is fair in fashion if you are plus size. There are so many trends that society attempts to exclude us from by saying and suggesting that you need a certain body type or size to rock them. Today, I am sharing a fashion trend that is chic and can be dressed up or down. For years, plus size babes like myself have opted out of rocking this fashion staple but that time has ended. Curves are being served in jumpsuits and I refused to be excluded.

If it were left to society, plus size women would only rock dark, shapeless clothing. According to society, plus size women are not supposed to stand out because we are fat and don’t fit the mold (duh). Clearly, the memo hasn’t made its rounds because there are still those that aren’t familiar with the fact that plus-size women have evolved. Yes, we once absorbed society’s ignorance and negativity about who we are, and our bodies but not anymore. Also, long gone are the days of dressing frumpy. Today’s plus size women are bold, fearless and fully committed to slaying fashion and life.

I have always said, there is a way to rock any trend that appeals to you, this truth isn’t lost on plus-size women. Just like I told you when the editor from O Magazine said crop tops should be worn, “if (and only if!) you have a flat stomach” and when ole girl assumed I didn’t want my belly showing; wear what you want sis. You set the tone for how you style and wow in fashion according to your personal preferences. Understand that nothing other than you should dictate your style.

Photo by P. Dillon Photography

For years I swore off jumpsuits and rompers because I felt as though I didn’t have the shape required to slay them. Due to my round stomach, all I could think is that I would look pregnant, like a chubby baby in a onesie or a Teletubby. I would see jumpsuits by Jibri and say, “I wish I could rock that” but I was never brave enough to try. My fear was solely based on society’s negativity about my body. It took years to peel back those layers and understand these important things:

  • You can’t totally look good to you until you feel good about you.
  • A major key (in my DJ Khalid voice) to slaying is knowing and loving your body.
  • There is no shame or harm in having parts of your body you want to improve, enhance, draw attention to or take attention away from. 

Oh, and speaking of Jibri, the brand’s owner Jasmine popped my jumpsuit cherry at the 2017 Life Styled Honors, and I haven’t looked back. Since then I have worn several jumpsuits by several brands and while I felt good in all of them this Jibri jumpsuit is a completely different vibe. The color is vibrant, the fabric is soft and most of all it is forgiving.

Like I stated earlier, it is perfectly fine to have likes and dislikes about your body. I like my breast and my waist, but I dislike my stomach. However, even this big ole stomach couldn’t make me hate my body. This jumpsuit allows me to have a snatched waist without hugging my stomach and I love it. I know that ladies who are shaped like me have similar concerns which is why I had to share this look and talk more about this jumper by Jibri.

Photo by P. Dillon Photography


Photo by P. Dillon Photography

Sleeveless Fuchia Jumpsuit: Jibri

Mustard Duster: Jibri

Photo by P. Dillon Photography

Clear Block Heel: Amazon

Clear Round Frame: Stella

Let’s talk ladies, have you rocked a jumpsuit lately? If so, let me see sis, tag me on IG @mauibigelow and use the #PHATGirlFresh hashtag or post your picture in the comments under this post on Facebook.