My Style Journal: PrettyLittleThing (Plus)

I know I’m not the only one that has to remind herself that she is that chick every once in a while. Due to the way society dissects, distorts, and downplay women, it is easy to understand why even the best of us struggle with identifying our greatness periodically. It is as if you have to be perfect for society to acknowledge how dope you are. Society uses our age, class, race, sexual orientation, size, and any other realities of our existence to tell us who we are or aren’t. However, I am here to remind both you and myself that pretty little things come in many different forms.

I know you heard it millions of times, but I’m going to repeat it, know your worth and add tax! Many time we dumb ourselves down because we begin to absorb the negativity of others instead of dismissing it. I can’t tell you how often I have looked in the mirror with disappointment. This disappointment was solely because I didn’t have what society said made women beautiful, smart, or successful. Oh, and I know I’m not alone, you have done it too. Every time you think of how great you are and add, but, you are challenging your greatness and factoring in society’s opinions and standards.

Nearly two weeks ago (July 14th), I turned 42 years old, and I had a moment in which I questioned myself both personally and professionally. Instead of celebrating all of my accomplishments; I immediately thought of the things I didn’t have, goals I hadn’t met and the dreams that hadn’t become my reality. I forgot that I connect and impact the lives of women and girls all over the world, that I am the mother of two amazing individuals who are thriving in their own spaces or that I have a few priceless things (joy, peace, love, and happiness).

So yeah, I immediately came to my senses and got myself together. I looked in the mirror and told myself what I tell other women all the time; you are Maui Mutha Freaking Bigelow. You are the personification of dope vibes, and if “the most” had a poster child, it would be you. My path and my story are exclusive. I have what I need now, and God will provide as his will for my life unfolds in His time.

Nope, the picture may not be perfect sis, but it is still a pretty picture because you are a pretty little thing and nothing can change that. So, celebrate all that you are and prepare for all that you will be because it gets greater later.

Speaking of my birthday and Pretty Little Things, check out how I slayed the weekend away in one of my new favorite brands.


Black Mesh T-shirt Dress (similar) Pretty Little Thing

Cliff Sneaker: Steve Madden

Maui Bigelow wearing Pretty Little Thing

Sage Green Wide Leg Pants: PrettyLittleThing

Sage Green Sleeveless Blazer: PrettyLittleThing

Clear Wedge Mule: Amazon

Have you shopped PrettyLittleThing, if not what are you waiting on sis? Also, the entire site is on sale.

Tell me ladies, how do you keep yourself encouraged? Maybe we should all be taking a page from Niecy Nash’s book and apologize to ourselves for the negativity we bring to ourselves.