Whew, this week has been filled with a little bit of everything. It seems as though I haven’t had one moment to myself for myself. I know that people don’t think mothers deserve their own moments but we need them because our peace and happiness set the tone for the family. Life’s reality is just like the saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” This little slice of truth is the reason I am here for the weekend and all the vibes and positive energy it produces.

From being Daja’s uber driver to assuring Zay is on task, I have been one busy bee. That fulltime job doesn’t include my personal responsibilities of creating content, working on event production, managing PHAT Girl Bouteeque and doctors visits. Yeah, I know you are probably wondering when do you sleep and the truth is… I DON’T SIS! It is as if my mind is never in a resting state, I’m either doing or thinking about what needs to be done.

I have talked with my girl Chante Burkett, fellow influencer and about time management on several occasions because I know she feels me.  Like me, Chante wears many hats and is a super single mom but what I notice is that she still finds time for herself. Chante states that her successful management of her time is all about discipline (something I lack), she creates a schedule and adheres to it by any means necessary. This may mean ignoring calls and social media for several hours but it gets the job done, literally. While, Chante’s absence is a running joke among our friends, I have to say that I admire her ability to ignore outside influences and put in work.

I am turning over a new leaf starting next week because I understand that I am the key to my success and that I must show up for myself the same way I encourage you to show up for yourself. However, before next week gets here, I am going to soak up all of the weekend’s vibes. Mommiana is off duty (somewhat) and business is closed (partially) because your girl is going to be just as lit as this neon top and as on point as these flare jeans.


So, what is your weekend looking like? Hopefully you’re keeping it cute while capturing moments to yourself for yourself.

Oh and, please note next week, I will be getting my Chante on; which means I may not be available immediately because I will be minding the business that pays me sis. However, I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.