My Style Journal: Don’t Skip Leg Day Sis

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh wearing Eloquii

Photo by P. Dillon Photography

Most of my life, I have hated and have been ashamed of my legs. As a child, nothing aggravated me more than Spring shopping because I knew my mom would be buying T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and little sundresses, and I hated wearing clothing that exposed too much leg. Why? Because at an early age, my family began using my “chicken legs” to humble me anytime I was doing the most. Although they meant no harm, over time, their words created insecurity. I wanted to hide my legs, which is why even as an adult, I’d rather skip leg day and run my mouth or show some cleavage.


It amazes me how we will carry things that are irrelevant and weighing us down instead of just dropping them. While these things seem small to others, they are heavy AF to the individual carrying them. The negativity I faced as a girl about my little, ugly legs produced doubt, reduced my self-esteem, and stalled my growth. I brought the baggage regarding my legs (along with other things) into womanhood. So, according to the book of Badu (Erykah), I transitioned into womanhood as a Bag Lady. Being a bag lady is the reality of many women because we all encounter negativity, and many of us lug it into different chapters of our lives instead of leaving it where it invaded our space.  However, women need to understand that baggage is baggage; rather, it’s in a designer bag or a grocery bag.

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh wearing Eloquii

Photos by P. Dillon Photography

I am now 41 years old but can still hear my mama say, “sit your chicken leg ass down Maui (probably because she still says it)!” LOL! However, now I am a grown woman who understands that the size of my legs has nothing to do with the woman I am, I am unbothered. The truth is, my journey to womanhood was filled with trials, but these chicken legs never failed me. I have been blessed to be in spaces with great people whom I respect, and these chicken legs carried me. Most of all when I am outside (like I will be all summer 2019) I style and profile, and these chicken legs are a part of that slay.


So, ladies, stop sweating the little things (pun intended) and do you, sis. Resist everything and every one that attempts to make you a bag lady and do you a disservice. Don’t let size determine how you slay; wear what you want.


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Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh wearing Eloquii

Photos by P. Dillon Photography

Hair: Trices Pieces

Glasses: Calvin Klein

Accessories: Shein

Leopard Windbreaker: Goodwill (Similar)

Black Body Suit: Eloquii

High Waist Shorts: Eloquii

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh wearing Eloquii

Photos by P. Dillon Photography

YSL Envelope Chain Bag

Chinese Laundry Sandals

Tell me, what challenges have you had with body image? How did you tackle them? Are you still carrying the baggage? Let’s talk ladies.