My Style Journal: Hey Brown Girl x Mazda

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh at the Beautiful Brown Girls Mural

Photo By Kaylin N. James

There is no greater tragedy than having your gifts ignored or downplayed due to your race and gender, but this is a reality that women of color live with every day. No woman is more underappreciated and devalued than the women who are the most educated, empowered, and creative. Even in spaces where we dominate, we are placed on the back burner for women who make their most considerable efforts to mimic us. However, the beauty and magic housed in brown girls is something that can’t be contained, dumbed down or manufactured; either you have it, or you wish you had it.


“Those that don’t got it, can’t show it. Those that got it, can’t hide it.” Zora Neale Hurston


In a world fuel by cultural and social influence, women and girls of color are the molds that the entire world is cutting cookies from. Yes, society sets the standard, but, we are the standard. Even in the presence of hate and shame aimed in our direction, women of color are fully committed to slaying every area of life. However, despite our apparent preeminence, it seems that we are always fighting for a seat at the table or finishing last.


Like many women of color, I was blessed to have been birthed into a family filled with great women who possess both strength and beauty. I watched these women live, love, and learn while experiencing life’s hardships. I witness the world attack them from all sides, but I never saw them throw in the towel. These women gave me all that they had, and while it was far from perfect or polished, it was real. Since we all know that nothing is perfect, I decided to attach myself to what was real by taking what I needed and leaving what I didn’t as I evolved into the woman you see today.

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh at the Beautiful Brown Girls Mural

Photo By Kaylin N. James

Truthfully, it wasn’t until I had left the nest and begin my transition into womanhood that I was able to understand what it meant to be a black woman fully. Yes, I witnessed womanhood at its finest, and I had taken what I needed from all the women I encountered but having to find my strength and navigating through obstacles on my own was and is a challenge. How can it not be hard when, at times, even the universe seems to be operating against you?


Listen sis; I know your struggle; I have questioned my gifts, my purpose, and my knowledge more times than I care to admit. These questions weren’t due to my lack of self-confidence or the absence of faith; they were due to the lack of outside support. As an entrepreneur, I thrive off support. I need relationships with individuals and brands who are invested in the magic of women of color like myself; a black, plus size woman who is a single mother living with cancer. This is why my partnership with Mazda was so exciting for me. Not only did it show me that the brand is open to including women of color, but it helped me realize more about myself.


At the age of 41-years-old, I am still learning my value as a woman and grasping the fact that I deserve greater than what I currently have. As an individual who grew up poor and principled, I was taught to appreciate what I had more obsessing over what I wanted. I guess these teachings are the reason I never thought about owning a new car before Mazda loaning me their 2019 CX 5 for Life Styled Honors. However, now that my eyes have been opened and my A/C just went out in my car, all I can think about is a new car that compliments my fly. While I can’t afford a new car today, thanks to my outlandish medical bills, it is now a goal I will work towards. A car was my home when I was homeless, I have paid for cars that I hated, but now it is time for me to own a car that I love that serves me well.

So Yeah…

Hey Brown girl!

You are beautiful.

You are unique.

And you are intelligent.

You lack nothing because baby, you are EVERYTHING.

You are the calm before the storm.

You are the joy that accompanies the Morning following the storm.

And if there’s an “act right” deficiency you can be the storm.

You are the dope vibes of the ’90s personified.

You don’t have to change for the world, but you will change the world.

Just keep driving and don’t confine yourself to one lane, the road is yours.

Accelerate and brake as much as you need to because if you are driven by passion and purpose, you will arrive in style.



Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh at the Beautiful Brown Girls Mural

Photo by Kaylin N. James

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh at the Beautiful Brown Girls Mural

Photo by Kaylin N. James


Unit: Trice’s Pieces Wigs

Dress: (similar) Alterations by Edrian Mallory

Kimono: Jibri

Shoes: J Adams Shoes

Handbag: De Lovet