Beach Please! Swimwear Inspiration For Fat Girls (Like Me)


Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Never mind the chill in the air, Spring is here! Now I know that some of you set goals last Winter and had plans of being Summertime fine by now. However, whether you met your goals or missed your mark, it is time to dive into Spring and Summer break with style. Forget size, shape, and age, but most of all forget society’s standards, rock your dope swimwear and bless every beach, pool party, and resort with whatever body you have now sis.


Let’s keep it real; swimwear is a considerable challenge for all women; a small waist with large breast, small breast with a large waist, booty or no booty. However, no women find swimwear more problematic than plus size women. Being a woman who has small breast and a big stomach, a lot of the swimwear in my size doesn’t work for me. Not only is fit a concern among women with shapes and sizes like mine, but confidence is also at the top of the list.


While the plus size woman has grown and evolved into a mighty force, that is fashionable, and fearless there are still things to consider. And before any of you say or think it, it’s deeper than being body positive or at least for me it is. The truth is, like many plus size women, I love my body but shy away from clothing that I feel doesn’t serve my body well; this clothing includes swimwear too. We desire clothing that complements our entire body, that is when we feel most comfortable. Like who feels confident in themselves or their overall slay when they aren’t supported in a manner that makes them comfortable?


For me, most one pieces are a hard no, but many times a two-piece must be sold as separates because like I stated earlier, I am small up top and heavy on the bottom. Yeah, it is a complete headache but not impossible. I need plus size women like me to know that all is not lost. There is swimwear out there for our curves that can be styled for a complete slay, which is why I have decided to throw on my cape and save Spring and Summer break for fat girls like me by sharing some of my faves and what makes them fabulous.


Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Swim Suit: Christian O’Meshun

Shorts: The Wendy S. Collection

Trends: Off the shoulder, tribal print & bright colors


The lower cut in the leg area is excellent for those of us with a FUPA, a lot of swimwear is high cut which isn’t always fat girl friendly. This swimwear also has extra lining in the stomach area that provides fantastic support.

Because this swimwear was custom made, the fit is as close to perfect as possible which I love. I encourage you not to sleep on indie designers because they can create a piece that fit your exact wants and needs.



Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Swim Suit: Eloquii

Head Wrap: Shop Feline

Trends: One shoulder and mid-section cut out.


I love this one piece because it creates the illusion of two pieces with the cutout. It also adds the presence of a waistline which is hard for shapes like mine due to a heavier stomach.


Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Swim Suit: Gwan By Charon

Romper Coverup: Eloquii

Trends: Flamingo prints and romper


Look! I get it, some of us aren’t there yet. This is the perfect swim attire for a plus size woman who is not ready to roam freely in her swimsuit.

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Swim Suit: Curverra

Kimono: Curverra

Trends: Mermaid sequin and dramatic kimono


This is the perfect look for a plus size diva committed to slaying. The fit of this swimsuit is great, and the lining provides reinforcing support while the low-cut leg area accommodates a large stomach.

Nope, I’m not getting this baby wet; I’m just sitting pretty and walking around like the queen I am because the kimono adds an extra layer fabulousness.


Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Swim Suit: Swim Thick by Miss Diva Kurves

Trends: Fatkini and sequin


Don’t allow your size to steer you away from rocking a two-piece; you can do it! The top covered my back fat and allowed for a little cleavage. The bottom is cut correctly, and the hold is excellent; plus, the high waist covers the right amount of skin.ow


Now that we have that out of the way, I am expecting you to go find the dopest swimwear out and slay every scene all Spring and Summer 2019. Oh and please don’t be caught at the beach or a pool party in gym shorts and a t-shirt because we are off that sis!



  1. Chenille
    March 21, 2019 / 11:24 pm

    Fabulous swim suites!