My Style Journal: Go Bestfriend, That’s My Bestfriend!

Hey PHAT Girls, happy Saturday sis!
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I am a firm believer that women working together is one of the most powerful acts, PERIOD! When I say working, it doesn’t have to just be literal, this also includes friendships too. Yes, women are an entire vibe no matter what but when two or more are assembled (in some Baptist preacher’s voice) the heavens rejoice and the devil gets mad because we are unstoppable. So yeah, when I am in the presence of other women, especially my besties I feel unstoppable and I vibrate my highest.
If you know me, you know that I hoard dope ass women. While this is something I begin saying as a writer who strives to connect with and empower women and girls, it has always been my truth. As a girl, I made friends with other girls who are still members of my tribe today. My oldest friendships date back to middle and high school. My bestie Shannette and I became friends in the 4th grade and although she is now in heaven, she still lives in my heart. I formed a friendship with my bestie Summer in high school and while I don’t see her often, she is just a phone call away. My college roommate Tesharra is still the only person I ever refer to as my roommate although I had a few and my sisters I pledged Omega Essence with are just that, my sisters. We transitioned into womanhood together and although we traveled different paths and we gained other friends, our bonds remain unbreakable.
Their are some people who say, women aren’t capable of maintaining friendships, my response is… Issa Lie! I know plenty of women who like me and the women in my tribe who have friendships that are decades old. These friendships have helped them heal from hurt, thrown shade when things were partly cloudy and caused stomach pains courtesy of laughter. These friendships evoke the same feelings of love one has for blood relatives because over time a good friend is family. I am auntie Maui to all of my besties children and I take this title very seriously.
Of course, as with all ships, they have the potential to sink but with the right amount of mutual love, respect, and communication, true friendships will sail without ceasing. I think that many times when women can’t maintain friendships, it is a personal thing. You know some people are just selfish and filled with more drama than individuals are willing to deal with and then you have those who lack loyalty. The unfortunate thing is their cycle many times is on repeat because they don’t see themselves as the problem.
Since we are talking about friendship, let me share something dope I am doing with one of my besties. My girl Missy and I have a new podcast, Confessions Of PHAT Girls that is dedicated to empowering, educating and entertaining women.  Since Missy and I have experienced so many of life’s highs and lows together over the course of our over 20 years of friendship, we thought this would be an amazing way to share with other women. Check out our first episode, 5 Ways To Know If Your Relation(SHIP) Is Sinking Instead Of Sailing. And yeah, we are legit, you can find us on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and everywhere else dope ass podcast by dope ass women can be heard. Confessions Of PHAT Girls podcast cover art


Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photo by P Dillon Photography

Wide leg track pants with side slit: Eloquii

White longline bustier: LiviRae Lingerie

White belted moto: Eloquii

White Bootie: Eloquii


Missy’s Look

Confessions Of PHAT Girls co-host Melissa Riggins

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Turtleneck Opposing Stripes Dress: Eloquii

White Bootie: Eloquii