Hey PHAT girl, happy Friday!

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

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Want to confuse the devil and the rest of your haters at the same damn time? If you answered yes, I have a simple yet perfect way for you to achieve this joy. It changes the entire mood and creates a vibe that is unmatched. Oh, and did I mention you burn some calories too?  I am sure inquiring minds want to know how to achieve all of this at once, well let me spill the tea. Simply Dance.


I know some of you are thinking, dance really Maui. To which my response is yes, sis. Dancing gets you moving and inflicts joy In unsuspecting places. Many see dancing as a challenge especially when you consider rhythm. However, the truth dancing is about more than technique and catching the beat. Dancing is an act that soothes your mind body and soul (spirit).



How freeing is it to be so mentally removed from stressful spaces, situations, and people that you can express yourself in the manner you see fit. That is what it means to “dance like no one is watching. Of course, they’re watching, they always are but who cares. You owe no explanations or apologies for the life you chose to live or the things you delight in.



Years ago, my favorite Jersey girl (Whitney Houston) suggested that dancing does what I know is right, dancing chases the blues away. So yeah, I want to dance with somebody. Hell, stretch that I can dance alone. I just want to be in a headspace that allows me to be free although people are watching, judging and hating.




Nothing promotes keeping it moving like dancing. Personally, if the beat and the mood are right, I can totally dance all night. After being homebound for what seemed like forever due to medical issues, I have danced December away, and I plan to keep that same energy in the New Year too. As I have said many times, health is wealth, and while I don’t promote or support diet culture, I encourage all women to give their heart a boost with a little cardio.  Dancing may not cure all that ails you, but I guarantee it will make you feel better and it will build your endurance. So yeah, in the words of Lee Ann Womack, “and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance… I hope you dance.”



I don’t care who you are, what your religion or beliefs are and what your financial status is; if your soul isn’t right, nothing else about you is.  That is why you have to assure that you cater to your soul as much as you do your mind and body which is something that dancing also does. Dancing is a way to rejoice in the goodness of whatever higher power you believe in. As a country girl who grew up in church, I have heard of David dancing in his priestly clothing as an expression of joy. So yeah, dancing stirs and soothes the soul while celebrating your blessing; past, present, and future.


Now I know that there is an entire community of uptight, judgmental church folks who frown on praise dancing because they feel that it is too worldly but never mind that… DANCE! Dance because even if life isn’t great, God is. Dance because you are more significant than anyone and anything that tries to come against you. Dance because you know your morning is coming, not literally but that moment when the rain ceases, the clouds roll away, and the sun shines again. You dancing in the midst of your storm is just like the indigenous people dancing for the rain they needed. It an act of faith. It’s just like Mary Mary suggested in their song “Shackles” Once the chains have been broken, you should be dancing as a form of praise.

Oh and, since we are talking about dancing, I have the perfect dress for any occasion. This dress wows, all you have to do is style. Check out how I styled this dress twice and both times were lovely.



Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photos by Howell Designs

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So yeah ladies, just dance! To hell with who is watching or who doesn’t approve. Your glory is in your story