MY STYLE JOURNAL: A Well Suited Woman

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Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photos by Howell Designs

You know what I hate? I hate the way that society always attempts to police the lives, bodies, and minds of women. Men have the luxury of moving around this earth as they please without a care in the world or a bother from others. Some drastic shit has to transpire for society even to shake their finger in the direction of men, but women are never given that same respect. Maybe it rightfully began with Eve and continued, I don’t know, but I am here to put the world (even other women) on notice that I am a well-suited woman and I am not alone.

I am a firm believer that there is no one way to be a woman. While there are women that need direction and want a man to save them, there are women like myself who are committed to saving ourselves. This thought is not our way of downplaying men or passing judgment on women who aren’t like us; it is just us being responsible for ourselves as we should be.


The truth is women are just as capable as men, and there are no limits to what we can do: case and point, the election of Toupee Fiasco (Donald Trump). As we prepared for our most recent Presidential election, people (even women) questioned whether or not Hilary Clinton had what it took to be the leader of the “free world.” They gave her hell about emails and other small issues but decided to support a sexist, racist maggot of a man with a bad tan. Why? Because in many spaces society sees an inexperienced man as more qualified than a woman who is overqualified and established in the field. However, today I am sure some of those same individuals are haunt by their decision, hell the entire nation is haunted.

As a plus size black woman, I have had my capabilities challenged more times than not. I have had my body policed by people who felt I needed to lose weight, dress my size and more recently, there have been those that felt my medical issues were my fault because I chose to be fat. There have been times when people thought I was too proud, too strong and too outspoken; according to them, my message of black girl magic and black excellence was too damn much. Oh and let’s not talk about all the times that my feeling and opinions were challenged because as a  woman I was too emotional and prone to overreacting.


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Dear Fat Girl, Fuck society, it’s standards and every individual with a negative thought about who you are based on your size. Don’t buy into the bullshit of what you can’t do due to your size, you are “Well Suited” to do whatever the fuck you are passionate enough to pursue. ? @howelldesigns . . Tomorrow on the blog, MY STYLE JOURNAL: Well Suited For Whatever . . #PhatGirlFresh #issafatgirl #mystylejournal #shewrites #yeahwritegirl #wellsuited #fatbitchenergy #fatgirlsbewinning #blackandwhite #styledivlife #mbib #XOQ #empoweredwomen #slay #bloggerlife #blogger #bloggerstyle #StreetStyle #plussizefashion #plussize #plussizefashionista #plussizebeauty #plussizeblogger #queen #queenshit #plusmodelmag #goldenconfidence #plusisamust #whatfatgirlsactuallywear

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As a woman who advocates for women and who overcame the influence of negativity and naysayers, I am here to tell you that you have what it takes. You are well suited to be, do and achieve anything you pursue passionately. Forget the odds; the deck is already stacked against you show up and show out because that is what great women do.



Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photos by Howell Designs

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

Photos by Howell Designs

Tie Neck Blouse: Eloquii

Long Tuxedo Jacket: Eloquii

Slim Trouser With Side Stripe: Eloquii

Black Faux Suede Midi Wedge: Torrid

Metal Lock Crossbody Chain Bag: Shein

So let’s talk ladies! What are you well suited for and how are you pursuing it?



  1. December 19, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Yas, you better work. This is how you do a stylish and unique take on a classic pantsuit, By the way, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at your name for the orange menace in the white house. Toupee Fiasco! LOLOL!