My Style Journal: Drake, Pusha T & Queen Whitney

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” Malcolm X

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh There are many things that all of my Reggie’s (regular readers) know about me. One of those things is that I love good music, be it classical, country, R&B or Hip-Hop. Another of the things my Reggie’s know is that I am always using my voice and my platform to advocate for women. Lastly, an most importantly, my Reggie’s know i love me some Whitney Houston and I really don’t play nothing but the radio (pun intended) when it comes to her. So, to say that I am not pleased with Pusha T’s album cover is a total understatement.

While the rest of the world is tuned in to the beef between Drake and Pusha T, I am still side eyeing Pusha T for allowing (although he claims to have been clueless) Kanye West to use that photo of Whitney’s bathroom as his album cover. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a great marketing idea and it did create more of a buzz for the album. However, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth as a lover of Whitney Houston and as a black woman who is over seeing and hearing black women being disrespected.

One truth that I regurgitate as often as possible is, “there is no one way to be a woman.” I know this because I have lived among and encountered women from many walks of life and diverse beliefs. These women and encounters helped me understand, how we enter womanhood and the mistakes that we make in life rarely dim our lights permanently. Addicts, alcoholics, criminals, teachers and preachers, are all imperfect individuals but all strong beautiful women in their own right.

Like me, there are many women who as girls watched their mothers and other women struggled through different chapters of life. We experienced with them the highs and epic lows. However, even in the face of their adversities these women managed to pour into our cups. They nurtured us and prepared us for life through their experiences. Today, there are generations of immensely dope, strong black women who have not only changed the world but run it also. Many of us learned our ways and are standing on the shoulders of flawed women.


So yeah, even women like Whitney, who society says are broken make great deposits into the lives of others. They are loved unconditionally by people who see beyond their imperfections. These women deserve more than to be the butt of someone’s jokes because their imperfections were different from yours.


In the midst a storm that ultimately claimed her life, Whitney used her God given gift to pour into our cups. She nurtured and soothed us one note and one lyric at a time. Although the topic of negative conversations, rumors and damning headlines, Whitney was loved and admired by many. Yes, Whitney decided to live a life that society frowned upon. However, if you ask family, friends or fans if Whitney’s choices made her any less beautiful and brilliant, our answer would be… HELL NO (well, Muva CeCe wouldn’t curse but you know what i mean)!


Red leather jacket: Eloquii

Whitney Houston T-shirt Dress: Asos

White jeweled sneakers: Steve Madden

Tape shaped clutch: Amazon

I don’t know… Maybe I’m just being hyper sensitive! What do you think? The things people like Lorde and Kanye have done for shits and giggles at Whitney’s expense just aren’t cool in my opinion. Hell, she had no peace in life, can she at least have some in death!


P.s. Pusha T killed Drake with “SON OF ADIDON” but Drake is still my guy too… LOLMaui B. of PHAT Girl Fresh