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If you’re like me, you have been waiting on Spring for what seems like forever. The last Winter’s weather was a bit frightful and it had serious staying power. It was as if every time we thought Old Man Winter was out of here, he walked back into the room. However, now that he seems (fingers crossed) to be gone, it is time for all things Spring.

As a mother and a homeowner who refuses to be on an episode of hoarders, I take spring cleaning very seriously. I have a strict rule regarding “stuff”; if it hasn’t been worn or used in 2 years… IT MUST GO! Some of my family and friends call it tough but clutter overwhelms me which increases my anxiety and that is a no-no. You don’t want to reach the point of being a hoarder where the assistance of a pest control company such as terminix kentucky is called all because you’ve noticed an infestation of ants behind all your items you decided not to get rid of. We always like to keep things just in case, but realistically, we’re not really going to need it.

I know most of you think dusting, changing seasonal decor and getting rid of old clothes when you consider Spring cleaning. I don’t know where I’d be without a Bissell vacuum cleaner when it comes to tackling such a cleaning operation. However, there are other things to consider, such as electronic devices.

My residence is home to a former teacher turns professional writer, a retired commercial truck driver, a college sophomore and a high school freshman. I used to love being a truck driver. Although once, my truck broke down and I had to call a commercial truck repair company out to come and fix it for me. So yeah, we have an abundance of old laptops, tablets, and cellphones. Why? Because we believe in having new up to date devices. This leaves our old devices taking up space in some random drawer in our home… Until now!

I recently found out about Trademore, a smart device recycling company that will help you declutter some of those drawers and put some money in your wallet at the same time. Oh, and did I mention it is as easy as 1-2-3… Literally! You simply search their data for your device (1), evaluate your device (2) and complete your trade-in by having the return packaging sent out (3). Once your return is received and processed, you get paid! I TOLD YOU… EASY!

Now, let’s talk about money! Trademore is not the only device recycling company but they have the highest payout rate. This means you win twice; you get rid of the unwanted devices and you get the most money for them. Did I mention you don’t have to wait to receive your money in the mail? Well, you don’t have to wait to receive your money in the mail, Trademore will send you a prepaid Mastercard code that you can use to shop or pay some bills, bills, bills (in my Beyoncé voice)PHAT Girl Fresh flat lay

Be honest, how many devices do you have laying around your home or tucked away in drawers? Why not trade them for some cold hard cash?

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