Hey PHAT girls, Happy Galentine’s Day!

Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh and Daja Amyia

Yep, today is a great day for all of us ladies who have and appreciate our good girlfriends. Now I am not talking about those fake shade throwing, talking behind your back but smiling in your face friends; I am talking about real friends. You know, the ones that have been A-1 since day one. The ones who answer the call and have passed every test with flying colors, our real girls! The ones that have evolved into our sisters. That good Judy who deserves a gift worthy of who and what she has been in our lives this Galentine’s Day, but the truth is nothing is that great!


For those of you who don’t know, Galentine’s Day is not just something that companies created to sell products (well maybe that is how it started). Galentine’s Day is an actual thing, it is a day in which women and girls celebrate one another. While it is a nontraditional holiday, Galentine’s Day is one that has taken wings and is now being celebrated by many cultures.

Now you know that I hoard dope ass women, so clearly, I am here for Galentine’s Day 100%. I have so many women that I plan to show love to via social media (make sure you catch my intaStories) but this post is all about my favorite girl in the world… Daja Amyia!


That’s right, out of all the girls in the world, she is my favorite! This is something that I have been telling her since she lived inside of me. Why? Because I dreamed of the day when I would be blessed with a daughter. I wanted nothing more than to love, nurture and form a bond with her that would grow as we grew through life. Now that I have her, I feel that it is my job to assure that she knows she is my top priority.

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My relationship with Daja is one that I don’t take lightly at all. I know that as a girl, her relationship with me, her mother is vital. I understand that who I am as a woman will one day play a role in the woman she evolves into. I know that she is watching me and taking pages from the chapters of my life that she will use to write her own book. Because of this… I am a better woman!


Now don’t get me wrong, in the words of the great Jilly From Philly (Jill Scott), “it aint all roses!” She is 15 years old and she knows everything! Plus, I know nothing bout what she is living right now as a 15-year-old girl with my grown once was 15 now 40 years old self. So yeah, we bump heads and I must put her in her place… a lot! However, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh and Daja Amyia


The mother/daughter relationship is part (the other part is father/daughter but that isn’t my conversation to have) of the foundation that all girls need to build themselves up into strong women. This relationship fosters their growth and provides a guiding light. Daughters look to their mothers for many things that will not only define them but their relationship with others and most of all how they learn to love and respect themselves.


I tell Daja all the time that one day people who don’t know me will experience me through her. This is something that I know to be true because I live it daily. I encounter so many people as an influencer and while they don’t know my mother, they experience her outgoing personality, her tell it like it is attitude and giving heart through me. The same holds true for many of my friends whose mothers are in heaven.Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh and Daja Amyia


So yeah, this Galentine’s Day is for my favorite gal! The one I prayed the hardest for. The gal who is one of my greatest blessings. My perfect portion of sugar and spice, Miss Daja Amyia!Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh and Daja Amyia

Mommies, how do you celebrate Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day with your daughters?

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