Hey PHAT Girls, happy Friday!

Maui B. Of PHAT Girl FreshIt is officially the weekend and I couldn’t be happier! This weekend is the homecoming of the greatest HBCU in the land, Albany State University and as a proud alumnus, I am ready to celebrate. So, let me go on record now; I plan to do the absolute most from now until sundown Sunday or at least until my crew is gone. So yeah, if you see me out… DON’T JUDGE ME; just speak, take a selfie and keep it moving!

I know that some of you saw the title and was like what is Maui up to with this one. Well I just thought this was a great title for a conversation about being colorful, finding joy and spreading great vibes. Oh, and to share this bomb ass dress with you and maybe even talk a little about my girl Cardi B.

Most of my life as a plus size girl/woman, I shied away from bright colors. Why? Because people told me that I should. Bright colors make you look bigger, wear black it is slimming and of course the references to looking like the Kool-Aid guy or Barney. You know all that bullshit that people say to keep fat girls in a box and shame us.

As much as I love to go against the grain and do me, there was a time in my life when I was not that chick. I lived in a box, fearful of what others thought or would say. Honestly, I was that fat girl, depressed and ashamed; the one who wanted nothing more than to shrink herself. With all the feeling of shame and the negativity surrounding me my wardrobe was filled with black. I wore black then for two reasons: 1. I was shamed into it, I absorbed the thought that I needed to wear black because I needed to look as not fat as possible. 2. It represented how I felt… dark and depressed, and often seeking out mental health services such as Honey Lake and the likes to try and find myself, and my happiness. Now that all the depressed fat girl stuff is out of the way, I am able to live, love and be the colorful person that you see today. Maui B. Of PHAT Girl Fresh

While having a conversation with my blogger boo Shaina Harrison (Out Of The Corner), she brought it to my attention that I dress to match my vibe and personality. She said, “Maui people love you and are drawn to you because you are a really positive person… I mean you wear yellow bitch!” All I could do was laugh because I had never realized how much my wardrobe had transformed with my attitude.

So yeah, now that I love and appreciate me, I only do what makes me happy! I only socialize with individuals who have the right vibe… POSITIVE that is! I wear the clothes that I want to wear; in colors that I like and as you can see, yellow is one of those colors!


Maui B. Of PHAT Girl Fresh

Yellow Pleated Wrap Midi: Asos

Army Green Peep Toe Lace Up: Amazon

Tell me, what make you happy and how do you share it with the world? Is your attire a reflection of your vibe?

Well anyway, enjoy your weekend and remember… WE DON’T, WE MAKE MONEY MOVES!