My Style Journal: In The Club

FHey PHAT Girls, happy humpday!

Oh and fat girls, hopefully

Today, I am making another entry into My Style Journal! I think that this look is a definite slay and even if it wasn’t, I felt damn good about it and that is all that matters… RIGHT?  In addition to the fashion and my personal style, I am tackling another myth in regard to fat girls. I know that most of you think that we are just greedy lazy beings who are simply existing instead of living but that is a lie! We outchea too (we are out here)!

The reason I am always so eager to call bullshit and state facts when it comes to fat girls is because it is needed. Yeah, we are the majority and we make major money moves in terms of retail dollars. However, there are still so many myths floating around about who we (fat girls) are and how we live that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Therefore, I feel obligated to share as much of my truth as a fat woman as possible.

I am a firm believer that nothing other than life (especially not size) should dictate your style. What does that mean? Simple, dress to accommodate your life. For me that means, dressing in business attire during the week because I am a teacher, dressing cute and casual for shopping or lunch because I am a bit of a socialite, dressing my Sunday best for church because I Luh God (in my Erica Campbell voice) and club attire when it is time to let my hair down.

Oh, you read right; I do go to the club occasionally, and when I do… I SLAY! I mean duh, where else would I hear trap music at obscene volumes and how else would I dress but fun and sexy? By now you know that fat and frumpy is not my thing and I have no issue showing skin so…

So, yeah to clear up another cluster of myths; Fat girls do club/party, fat girls love to dance and our cups runneth over because we are living life to the fullest. Anywho, check me out the details of the look below and share your thoughts.



Maui B of PHAT Girl Fresh

 Black Bralette: Torrid

Metallic Skirt: The EGO Boutique

Black Wedge with Ankle Strap: Torrid


Oh and fat girls, hopefully you know and understand that there is no one way to be a woman. You have the right to live life on your own terms and you need to absorb the fact that size doesn’t restrict you. Ignore the ignorance attached to the statement, “fat girls can’t…” because the truth is fat girls can do whatever the hell we want!

So tell me, how do you let your hair down?




  1. juliette
    September 16, 2017 / 12:26 am

    Girl, you DID slay! This is a hot look!!! I love a good sexy outfit and this is it! Thanks for repping this for us grown up dolls who are still doing it !