Bitch, hoe, slut, and thot are often used to describe women. Unfortunately, not all of us are so deserving of the name. Social media has made it easy for people to cyber bully individuals and have strong opinions about someone they never even met. Hell, I can’t leave my house in a catsuit or showing major skin without being a victim of cat-calling or slut shaming of some sort. Why is it that people love seeing women dressed like that on but as soon as somebody does it in ‘real life’ its shocking? And it is even worse when I post photos on social media! We call that “trolling”, and we have no love and respect for them mofos! Right? Mkay.

In 2017 women have managed to completely transform the way we define ourselves. It’s safe to say a lot of us have moved on from being home makers who are barefoot and pregnant, to the main bread winners of our homes who hold things down. Main reason being, we no longer allowing a man (or woman) to determine who we are or who we can be. We are setting our own standards and breaking the glass ceilings meant to keep us enclosed! Yes, we are bad girls, so if you are gonna call us out of our names, call us bad bitches because that is what we are!

However, despite all the obvious growth among women, we are still being frowned upon for being who we choose to be. Being too free-spirited, too open minded, and too sexy still evokes side eyes, shade, name calling and trolling. Case in point, Amber Rose, a woman who has been the poster child for shaming and being called out of her name; simply because she chooses to live on her own terms. While this shaming may have made some women run and tuck their tail or titties, Amber Rose decided to face it head on by calling it out. Thanks to Muva, we have all been educated about slut shaming in recent years via her movement- SLUT WALK. We became a bit more intimate with her when she channelled her inner pornstar… that’s right, she went all out and posted a photo of herself that would get most of the watchmygirlfriend viewers rather excited. She had nothing on but a bikini top, fur coat, and her landing strip. Yeah, she did that!

In my opinion, that shit was hella sexy! You can be straight and still appreciate a woman’s body… but I’m not straight though! Amber definitely had the innanet ( internet for my polished folks) going crazy for days with that one, men and young males alike (and some females) were probably having to cope with their horniness with the use of websites similar to or another. Trolls were of course talking sideways but I can guarantee they were in their damn box being miserable and using that moment as an attempt to feel better about themselves. However, the opinion that probably mattered most to Amber at the time was that of her man, 21 Savage, and he openly stated he had no issue with seeing his girl’s nude photo on the internet because “she’s getting money”. Pause…. You mean to tell me Amber really gets paid to be sexy (sarcasm)? She does and she’s not alone either! Plenty women do. Not to sound cliché but SEX SELLS! You don’t have to be a prostitute with money being left on the dresser anymore, you can just be sexy. It’s that simple. I know from my own personal experience people will pay you to just hang out with them. JUST TO HANGOUT! They value your time. In her case, she probably got paid BIG bucks from sponsors of her third annual Slut Walk. I work in advertising and sponsorship so I know companies cut the check bih… trust me! Hit me up ( if you need to advertise your business by the way (Shameless plug).

Another great example is Amber Rose’s close friend Blac Chyna, which is currently being dragged through the mud thanks to her ex and his need to retaliate against her using revenge porn. Let me say this, exposing someone who trusted you during intimate moments is quite disgusting, a real bitch move, if you ask me. I had it done to me in high school and it was humiliating. Imagine being recorded during sex and not knowing, only to have it later shown to everyone, or even worse uploaded to a site like hdsexvideo. I can only imagine how Blac Chyna felt to have her situation play out for the world to see because when it happened to me, it broke my spirit. I literally signed myself out of school one day and never went back.

Anyway, back to Chyna. How quickly did we forget that Blac Chyna actually got this man (or lack thereof) out of the house and helped him in his most vulnerable state, depression. Y’all remember he would not even come out of the house because he gained weight and didn’t want to be photographed? Chyna probably had him running behind her while he watched that ass. Seriously, she added value to his life, they said they were in love and had a love child; so, you don’t get your girl back like that (in my Jay-Z voice).

Sadly but truthfully many of us can relate to Amber and Chyna because shaming has become the thing to do to women who are bold and unapologetic. It is also the go to for angry and entitled boys (posing as men) who feel rejected. The crazy thing is we live in a world where women are constantly sexualized in one way or another (even by the POTUS); but when we choose to be sexy on our own terms, we become bitches, whores, sluts and thots.

Say what you will about these two women but their physical attributes have nothing to do with their character. Nor can it give us any insight on how promiscuous they may or may not be. Being a gorgeous woman with a nice body doesn’t automatically make you a gold digger, it can actually make you a millionaire. So go get your coins boo. Let me log off and get mine. Bye now!