My Style Journal: Rocking Shorts And Showing My Legs

Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh One of my biggest insecurities are my legs. For most of my life I was told that they were too skinny. Over the years, the larger I got, the more people felt the need to remind me that my legs were too damn little! And guess what, I bought into that negativity and begin to hide my legs.

Since I had absorbed all the negativity about my legs, I altered my style. I rarely wore skirts unless they were midis and I sure as hell wasn’t wearing shorts. For years, I deprived myself of different trends because I hated my legs. Not because I saw them as flawed but because others said they were.

Last year some time I came face to face with my insecurity about my legs while I was looking for something to wear to a party. I had the perfect dress in my closet with a tag on it because it showed too much leg. I purchased the dress after telling myself that I needed to step out of the box but, two years later I was still in the box and the dress was still in my closet. However, I made the decision to wear it to the party. I treated myself to some laser hair removal on my legs, I exfoliated the life out of them, then I moisturised and added some shimmer to them, and guess what happened? I SLAYED! One tip for those looking to have a leg glow up; I was a bit dubious about the laser treatment despite the fact I’d heard great things from people who’d had it done at Azure Medical, but now I’m a total convert. It makes life so much easier and makes you feel fabulous. Who knew such simple treatments could make me feel so much more confident.

Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh

That situation helped me realize how silly I was being about my legs. So, what if they are skinny, they are still my legs. They are functional and that is a blessing all its own, there are millions of people who pray to have their legs function. There are also millions of people without legs that would kill for my skinny legs but here I was ashamed. Not even due to my beliefs but the beliefs of others.

So yeah, today I am saying to hell with all the negativity about my legs! I’m showing my legs and rocking shorts… AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!


Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh

White Duster: Amazon

Black Bustier: Ashley Stewart

Black Shorts: Wendy S. Collections

Red Block Heel With Ankle Strap: Amazon



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