Model and lifestyle blogger Clarisa YvetteBy now it is no secret that I hoard dope ass women. In my opinion, there is nothing stronger and more beautiful than a tribe of great women. I know that society says we can’t operate in the same space due to egos and attitudes but that is a lie. Strong, confident women know how to respect and celebrate on another minus the drama.

Since it is #WomanCrushWednesday and all, I thought this would be a great time for me to introduce you to one of my new boos, Clarisa Velazquez. We met on Facebook a couple of years ago and I made her my homegirl in my head after reading several of her post and her commenting on several of mine. You know I live for a woman who like me serves life straight up (no chaser of course) and Clarisa is definitely one of those women.Model and lifestyle blogger Clarisa Yvette

This year I had the pleasure of working with Clarisa twice; once as a makeup artist during the Styled IV Life photoshoot and then as a model for Life Styled event. Each time she was very professional and focused on assuring that she did what was asked and expected to the best of her ability. Recently through conversations, I begin to learn that Clarisa aspired to do much more than just model and do makeup. Her dream is to build a platform that would allow her to share her truth, experience and perspectives about life. Now you know I am here for that!

After thinking long and hard, I offered Clarisa a position as a contributor for PHAT Girl Fresh. Why? Because I think that my audience deserves to hear more from women like Clarisa. I also think that my platform will be a stepping stone that will help her build an even greater audience of her own. Lastly, as an empowered woman who has stood on the shoulders of many women, it is my duty to be to her what other women have been to me. So, just as women like Madeline Jones (Plus Model Magazine), Marie Denee (The Curvyv Fashionista) and Ty Alexander (Gorgeous In Grey) fed my soul and shared their knowledge with me, I want to do the same for other women.


There’s really no one word to describe Clarisa Yvette, but if you just had to use one, let’s just say I’m eccentric! Whether you know me in person or follow me online, you definitely know I’m entertaining. I am extremely candid on my thoughts about relationships, and I have no problem sharing my own personal stories. I believe that it is my transparency that keeps my audience connected to me. Model and lifestyle blogger Clarisa Yvette


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