Hey beauties, happy Friday!

Styled IV life

If you have been paying attention to my social media, by now you should have gathered that your girl is up to something. I know my country girls feel me when I say, “I can’t hold water” or for my city slickers… I hate keeping secrets!  So, you know It has been killing me to not be able to share more about exactly what I was working on with you. However, that moment has passed and I can spill all the tea on my latest project, Styled IV Life. Oh and, “Sorry for the wait (in my Lil Wayne voice)!”

Styled IV Life is a collaboration by myself and my blogger boo, Shaina Harrison of Out Of The Corner. It is our way of filling a void and spreading positive messages among women. Our goal is to use this platform to empower women to be happy and live their best lives despite what anyone thinks. As influencers in the plus size community and among women from all walks of life, we see that there is a great need for women to receive the empowerment needed to be bold and unapologetic; we have joined forces to provide that empowerment.

What Shaina and I have learned as members of the plus size community and as women is that many much needed conversations are not being held. We also agree that many positive conversations are being polluted with information and attitudes that exhibit the negativity that we are committed to eradicating. We respect and recognize the fact that there is no one way to be a woman and we want others to respect and recognize it as well. However, more than anything we want women to comprehend that it is their prerogative to style their lives in the manner they desire.

I know that you know that I have been obsessed with Shaina for years. I have posted things about her here and on social media numerous times. Prior to ever meeting Shaina face to face, I had a love and respect for her because of her transparency, boldness and obvious commitment to pushing women to be brave. That paired with the fact that she reminds me a lot of myself; you know… fat, fly, unapologetic and determined to show the world that #FatGirlsBeWinning! I mean really, how could I not love her? She is without question one (of few) woman that I know is not afraid to speak fearlessly from a place of truth, just as I do. And Nessa Girl, did I mention that she slays EVERYTHING (life, fashion and everything in between)!Styled IV Life MEME1

So yeah, Shaina and I are publishing a book that will show fat girls how to style their lives. Of course, the book is about fashion but it is also about being visibly fat, body positive and many other topics that we feel need to be addresses among plus size women. This is not JUST a style guide, it is a Life Style guide for women who need to learn embrace the curve because life will never be completely straight!

If you know Shaina and I, like you should know Shaina and I; you know that this and every project moving forward is going to be… LIT! However, if you need convincing, check out some footage from our first (of many) shoot.

The Styled IV Life book will be available for purchase at the Life Styled by PHAT Girl Fresh event on April 29, 2017.