ChafeZone For Chub RubHello beauties, I hope you are having a magical Monday!

I want to share with you more absolutely amazing news as we prepare for the 2017 Life Styled event. As I have promised, I will always do my best to assure that you are up to date on all that is happening with the Life Styled event. I want nothing more than to familiarize you with the individuals and brands that support the PHAT Girl Fresh brand because they all cater to and support women and you know that is a major key (in my DJ Khaled voice) for me.

Being able to align my brand with those who are just as passionate about women and womanhood is one of my greatest desires. I know that while being a woman is a glorious gift, it is hard; so, when I encounter those who are committed to lightening the load and offering support and knowledge, I am here for it! With that in mind, I want to introduce you to ChafeZone For Chub Rub.ChafeZone For Chub Rub

ChafeZone For Chub Rub was created by MedZone Products, a brand that has offered premium quality skin products for athletes and active people from all walks of life, since 2001. Although the product line was initially created for military personnel, they migrated to athletes and while MedZone has experienced great success in these areas, the company’s commitment to serving a larger audience is alive and well.

In 2017, following much research and work with plus size influencers and other women; MedZone found a way to bring the first of many products to the plus size community and women from all walks of life. This research gave birth to a supply for a demand… ChafeZone For Chub Rub!

While some may not be eager to call a thing a thing, I will! Chub Rub is one of the most hated and aggravating things that we experience. No, it may not be the topic of many conversations but ladies… let’s just keep it real, chafing/chub rub is not pretty and we are not here for it!ChafeZone for Chub Rub Presents Life Styled by PHAT Girl Fresh

I am so pleased to welcome the brand to the Life Styled event as the 2017 platinum sponsor because they are fully committed to catering to women and our issues.  Oh, and did I mention how dedicated they are to assuring that your experience at the 2017 Life Styled event is epic! YES, they are rolling out contests that will give attendees the opportunity to win cash prizes, tickets to next year’s event and many other goodies.

So… You still don’t have your tickets? Well, what are you waiting on? Tickets are available and selling fast, click HERE to get yours!