Happy Saturday PHAT Girls!

Maui Bigelow of PHAT GIRL FRESHMaybe I should say happy Slayday because we all know that Saturday’s are perfect for slaying any scene. With most of us free from work, today is the most opportune time to get all dolled up and step out. Before I do a little stepping out of my own, I wanted to share a little of my latest slays with you because I feel cute as shit!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have read a post or two (more like twenty) about me wanting to dye my hair, cut my hair or get some weave. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my natural hair and I will never go back to the creamy crack but I was a little bored with rocking ruff and stuff with my afro puff. Oh, and God forbid I get too bored because I would probably end up making some dumb decision that I regret… Like cutting my hair!Maui Bigelow of PHAT GIRL FRESH

Lucky for me, I have a friend who is a stylist because she hooked your girl up just in time for the weekend! Yes, honey my girl Dori Carter, owner and lead stylist of Geek Me Salon gave me life with this cute custom unit; oh, and did I mention… It is blonde!

I have heard people give a lot of reasons as to why women cut or change their hair but my reason has always been… Because I want to! However, I believe in the power of our words and their ability to move us to do great things, which is why I decided to share a few quotes with you. Who knows, maybe one will allow you to see how fabulous your hair is, inspire you to try something different or boost your confidence.Maui Bigelow of PHAT GIRL FRESH

  1. A change will do your good! For a woman gearing up to take over the world, a great cut could be the icing on the cake! HAIR QUOTES

  2. The best way to be naturally you is to stay connected to your roots!


  3. Your own personal style is vital in every area of your life… including your hair!HAIR QUOTES

  4. Your selfie game is depending on your hair… DON’T MESS THAT UP! HAIR QUOTES

  5. Their is nothing like the moment when you flip your hair in response to life, be it weave or your own… THAT IS SOME FABULOUS SHIT!

So tell me ladies, what do you think of my new look; I am loving it!

How are you slaying your Saturday? Chime in ladies, I want to hear from you!

*Photos by P Dillon Photography*



  1. Christi Camper
    February 11, 2017 / 5:31 pm

    I absolutely love your new look. Im slaying and laying aka resting. The slay is real.