My Style Journal: A Little Sequin Never Hurt Anyone!

Hey PHAT GIRLS, Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Maui of PHAT Girl FreshToday, I wanted to share with you a look from last weekend. I traveled to Dallas, Texas for my beautiful cousin, April Joiner’s wedding. The ceremony, the reception and the fellowship were all a beautiful experience.  I really was happy that my Nannie, who is 84 years old got to be there to experience the nuptials and to meet the youngest member of her clan; my cousin’s newborn, Brandon Joiner Jr.

In true Maui fashion, time got away from me and I had an issue with my hair. Honestly, it wasn’t my fault; I had to do Daja’s hair (that couldn’t wait) and I had to make sure that my Nannie slayed (which she did) but in return, I was unable to get my hair done. That combined with the fact that the wig i was attempting to make was a flop! LOL! However, despite all of that, I made it work and I don’t think I did bad at all.

My Style Journal Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh

Black Head Wrap (actually a black t-shirt): Walmart

Black and Gold Sequin Headband: Walmart

Sequin Crop Top: Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ by JCP

Black A-Line Skirt: Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+ by JCP

Nude Shoes w/ gold embellishments: HoneyHive Boutique