What It Means To Be Bold And Breastless

Hey PHAT Girls, Happy Pinktober!

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I know that all of you are aware that the month of October is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although myself and many others work hard to increase awareness daily, we go extra hard in October because the world is more engaged and it is easier to grab the attention of the masses. This attention is without question vital because it garners the support needed as we fight for a cure.

While there are tons of statistics and other information that I can share, that is not what I am here to do today. It isn’t that the information lacks importance or that I don’t want to enlighten other women; the reason is that I see the need to do more. Truth is, there are stats and information being shared everywhere right now, not to mention Google filled with everything you need to know about anything. So, not stats here, just a real look at breast cancer that not everyone is familiar with.

Today I want to shine light a few women that offer what women battling breast cancer need most, inspiration. As a breast cancer survivor, I experienced many of the emotions and hardships that accompany this disease. While I had the love, support and prayers of many; my understanding and healing came from women who were battling with me and survivors. I know that no matter what the diagnoses is or where a woman may be in her journey, witnessing other women be champions in the face of this opponent is food that the soul needs.

The women that I am sharing with you today are the face of breast cancer that is not often seen publicly. While it is no secret that breast cancer is deadly and ugly, we attempt make it cute with all the little pink ribbons. However, these women share a truth that the world needs to see. Their truth is that they are bold and breastless and while breast cancer took their breast, it didn’t shake their faith or  break their spirits. Their messages are strong, encouraging and they inspire other women to continue to fight.

Day 3: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Break Every Chain When I look at this photo of myself I think about how powerful it truly is to me. See, when doctors first diagnosed me with breast cancer in 2011; I was told I had a 50/50 chance of survival.  Another diagnosis in 2015 …surviving wasn’t a subject. Adding more time was the better subject. I can recall me truly understanding what having a HEALTHY FAITH was and truly understanding my faith was being tested.  I HAD to believe…… So when DOCTORS said no because this aggressive breast cancer had me locked up in its prison…on it’s death row…. BABEEE…My father who art in heaven is who I called on! Who heard my cry! HEARD MY MOMMA’S PRAYERS!!…AND BROKE EVERY CHAIN! U hear me?! There’s power in his name!!! Remission once then again…and again. He  BROKE EVERY CHAIN.  For everyone that’s going through anything.  You can beat it! You can conqueror it! Your chains can break. You have to believe and fight. Faith without works is dead. You think its a game?!! This cancer is NO GAME. By doctors word I have to continue on chemo the rest of my life. By doctors Im not totally healed. It can very well come back active.  But you dont wait to go to the doctor. Early detection is the key. Early detection can save your life. I try to love ppl, live life to the fullest, and be happy everyday….because tomorrow ain’t promised. ..life is short!! So…Get ya butt up and GET A MAMMOGRAM! So what if its uncomfortable.  I rather be uncomfy then dead. You choose.  GET A MAMMOGRAM!!!! Because you dont want this…. #IFIGHTEVERYDAY  #HEALTHYFAITH  #BEATINGSTAGE4CANCER  #BEATINGCANCERAGAIN  #BALD #BREASTLESS #BLESSED  #KOCOBUTTERFLIES JOIN OUR TEAM KOCO BUTTERFLIES THE KOMEN WALK OCT 15TH.

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Today marks the first day of #pinktober or #breaatcancerawarenessmonth. This is what breast cancer looks like, not pretty pink ribbons and bows. If you want to donate this month please consider organizations like #metavivor or #youngsurvivorcoalition. Most of the products this month may show a pink ribbon, but the percentage of the money that goes to a #breastcancer organization is minimal. And typically it goes to #susangkomen and directly into their pockets and not to survivors or research. I just ask that you all think before you buy pink this month. #thinkbeforeyoupink #october #cancer #survivor #breastcancer #flatandfabulous #scars #survived #livinglife #advocate #awareness #weneedacure #cure #topless #savethewomen #women #breastless #breasts #boobs #young

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I’m posting my pic again to show other ladies without breasts, that it’s really okay to be BREASTLESS!! I meet so many ladies that have a hard time dealing with the fact that they had to get their breasts removed and I want to motivate them. We survived breast cancer, so we have a whole lot to be thankful for!! Whether we have no breasts, wear prosthesis, had reconstructive surgery, or have one breast, we have LIFE!! We’re still beautiful regardless of how others stare at us, think about us, or talk about us!! Thank you so much @mrdblanks for this “IMPLIED” nude look!! My husband loves this pic and he loves my scars and I love him!! The cancer affected my breasts, not my self-esteem!! Now, isn’t she lovely?? YOU are too!! ???????

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I know you agree that these woman are beautiful in every way and that the absence of their breast doesn’t change that one bit. Their scars tell a story that all women need to absorb… WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, MAKES YOU STRONGER!