She Taught Me: What I Learned From Necole Kane’s Story


necole-smile-1000x563 Last week a lot of talk in the blogging community and entertainment world was about Necole Kane. She set the internet on fire when she shared her setbacks as an entrepreneur. The shock factor and all of the buzz wasn’t due to the fact that Necole experienced setbacks because we all know that being an entrepreneur comes with highs and lows. However, the shock was that Necole, a woman who had experienced such great success for so many years as a blogger was experiencing this and in such a short time.

For those of you who don’t know Necole Kane, she is the woman behind the blog, a lifestyle blog for women of color. Still not familiar with Necole? Necole was also the curator of, a gossip blog that was well known and respected in the entertainment industry.

Necole’s raise was one that was fast and filled with the stuff that the movies are made of. She went from blogging as a hobby while living with her aunt to moving to Atlanta a setting a standard that many other bloggers chased. She not only built the brand from the ground up but she became a celebrity of sorts.o-necole-bitchie-facebook

Over the years, Necole did something that all women must do… She evolved and grew! That evolution and growth led Necole to understand that she had a greater responsibility and so she decided to change lanes. In 2015, Necole shocked her following and her competition when she announced that she was saying goodbye to, the announcement was especially shocking because she was at the top of her game.

Fast forward one year later… Necole shares her truth with us in a video and it is not pretty. The blogger admits to losing it all; not once or twice but three times. She found herself toying with tucking her tail and going back to her aunt’s house. However, she has found the strength to do the work, restructure and implement new components; smart woman.

While there are people like gossip blogger Sandra Rose, who have been less than sympathetic where Necole is concerned. Myself and so many other femalepreneurs are both sympathetic and empathetic in regards to Necole’s story. Personally, I have to say that it is unfortunate but there is a lot to be learned from Necole’s truth; these are points that will help myself and other femalepreneurs do and be better in life and in business.




  1. I can’t be afraid to fly! Necole went from living in her aunt’s house sleeping on the couch to being the owner of one of the top blogs, because her desire to fly was greater than her fear of falling.

  2. I am my secret weapon! Necole was not the first gossip blogger on the scene but she used her knowledge to speed ahead of what was considered competition. How? Because she didn’t concentrate on others, she operated in her gifts.

  3. My brand should grow with me! Many think that Necole was stupid and overly ambitious to walk away from her thriving brand, I see it as growth. She had grown beyond being a gossip blogger, she felt that her audience had grown too and so she transitioned.

  4. It is my right to hit the reset button! I think that Necole forgot that life is not without incident. We all experience hiccups and hardships but that does not classify as a fail. Only a person’s inability to hit the reset button and try again, makes them a failure.

  5. I will not allow my dream to become a nightmare. We have to remember that our dreams only belong to us and it is our prerogative to interpret and make them our reality in the manner in which we see fit. I applaud Necole for not repeating the cycle but for finding a way to continue on her path by adjusting the way she is going to make her dream reality.

  6. I will never shy away from speaking my truth! I know that it took a lot for Necole to make that video and call her aunt because it is one thing to feel like a failure but it is another thing to let others know your hardships. While speaking your truth is empowering, it is hard as hell because it allows people to pick you apart and judge you. However, you can’t climb higher with all of that weight on your shoulders.


Often times, we feel that we have to achieve greatness without incident but that is totally unrealistic. The truth is, many times our hiccups throughout life allow use to establish the understanding we need to be great. It is important that all femalepreneurs know that life happens to all of us both personally and professionally and it isn’t always pretty. However, what separates us is our ability to carry on.

So tell me ladies, what is your take away from Necole’s story.