Because You Can Never Have Enough Lipstick: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault

nyx-soft-matte-lip-cream-vault   It is no secret, I have it bad when it comes to lipstick! You know all the indicators Usher laid out in his song, “You Got It Bad” well I have topped all of those when it comes to my thing for lipstick. Thing is, I love getting all dolled up and since I can’t wear eye shadows, lipstick is my thing. While matte is my favorite formula, I am here for all of it!


Speaking of lipstick, have you heard about the release of the latest NYX vault? If you haven’t, grab a cup because I have some tea! NYX Cosmetics has announced the release of their NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault. It is a collection comprised of mini of all 34 shades in the Lip Cream collection and two brand new shades; Bangkok and Los Angeles. (insert twerk) Do you understand that is a total of 36 lippies. nyx-soft-matte-lip-cream-vaultnyx-soft-matte-lip-cream-vault

Now for all of my lipstick junkies and makeup lovers, we know that NYX Cosmetics is one of the most affordable brands around. However, despite the price NYX Cosmetics has found a way to bring us quality in every form and I am so here for that. So, with all that we know about NYX Cosmetics and its affordability, what do you think the price of this collection is? 50 MOTHERFREAKIN DOLLARS (insert another harder twerk)!

Now I know you are wondering when and where since I have spilled the who and what so here you go! The two new colors were released on September 6 but after stalking the NYX Cosmetic website, I found out a little more. On the NYX Insta stories, they stated the online release on was September 13 but on the site they are showing that not only were they available at some poing but they are now… OUT OF STOCK! Now hold on before you faint, the collection will be in store on October 15 and on, October 9 (October 23 in stores).

Stay tuned in to the brand’s Snapchat and Instagram Stories at @nyxcosmetics, because the word is, there is more great new coming.

I don’t know about you ladies but this is a must have for me because you know I LUH ME SOME LIPSTICK!nyx-soft-matte-lip-cream-vault