Another Of My “Ships” Made It To Heaven… But She Will Always Live In Me!


IMG_0241Yesterday my favorite teacher, Ms. Brown was laid to rest and I was blessed to be able to attend the service. Now I know that some of you are going to say, attending a funeral is not a blessing but for me it was. Being able to celebrate the life of a woman who carved out a place in my heart by teaching me life lessons and being attentive when it seemed that no one else cared… TOTALLY A BLESSING!

While reflecting on the relationship I had with Ms. Brown and the time that she and I shared, I begin to have a moment of clarity. Yes, Ms. Brown was in the Seminole County School System to educate us on Science but her calling was an even greater assignment. Ms. Brown was a “ship” that God sent to take me away from my current destination.

We all know that ships are vessels that carry us to different destinations. However, have you ever grasp the notion that the ships at sea and the ships in our lives serve the same purpose? Just like the ships that sail the ocean, your stewardship, friendships and relationships take you places too.

When understanding the ships in our lives, we have to acknowledge the fact that they are all different. Some ships are fancy and equipped with an abundance of luxuries and others resemble something you would find in a junk yard. While the condition of the ship is important what is most vital is that it carries you to your destination safely.

In regards to Ms. Brown, I boarded her ship at a very troubling time in my life and this made our travels a little tempestuous. However, like any good captain she took me as far as she could safely and prepared me for the next ship I would board. During my time aboard Ms. Brown’s “ship”, I learned many things about who I was and who I wanted to be. I also learned how to fight and how to use my voice even in the face of fear. Most of all, I learned that God was with me even when things were bad and that while I was in trouble… I was safe.

Friendship-isn't-a-big-thingAs a woman, who is equipped with 39 years of wisdom, I have to acknowledge the fact that I never could have transitioned into womanhood the way that I did without Ms. Brown. She saved me from a situation that was supposed to break me, she carried me to a place of safety and for that I am eternally grateful.

In thinking about Ms. Brown and all that she added to my life, I was required to scrutinize myself. What type of stewardship, friendships and relationships and I involved in? Am I carrying the individuals I am in these “ships” with to safety?

Due of the relationship I have had with others and life experiences, I enter every situation with the desire to be a “ship” of luxury and comfort that allow all individuals to travel well. While this is my heart’s desire, the truth is many times that is out of my control. You know what I mean ladies, some “ships” sink and no matter how much of an effort you make to repair them, the damage is too great. In those cases; friendships end, relationships are broken and stewardship are questioned. Many times you have to decide if you want to save yourself or others.

While I don’t think that anyone can tell you how to operate your “ships”, I will say that I believe every ship should:

  • Take you to a place of safety and peace.

  • Give you a greater understanding about your journey through life.

  • Prepare you for the next leg of your trip.

  • Provide a certain level of comfort.

If you are navigating or on a ship that is not meeting these requirements, I would definitely examine things and make adjustments to avoid drowning.

Chiming in ladies, what are the state of your “ships?” What “ships” helped you get to today’s destination and how?