Happy Anniversary Diva By Tameka

Tisa Glover rocking Diva By Tameka I know that I have told you many times when it comes to fashion and most of all style, sometimes you have to create (or have someone to create) what you want. If you are like me, you want what you want down to the color of the button and this requires something custom. If this is you, you need a designer and/or seamstress in your circle to bring your vision. Yes, I shop retail but it is no secret that I live for indie designers because they are the key to our most unique slay.

One of my favorite indie designer is Tameka Ramsey, Owner/Head Designer of Diva By Tameka. Tameka is a skilled designer with years of experience and while she can create anything for anyone, her target customers are plus size women. As a woman with curves, she knows what women with curves need when it comes to creating garments that cater a woman’s curves. In my opinion custom garments for curvy women are all about getting to know the woman and her body; what she considers her best asset, what she wants to down play and what her personality is like are all vital. I know this because I learned these things from Tameka, as she has brought several of my desired looks to life.Diva By Tameka

Honestly, it seems as though she and I have been working with one another for years but it has only been 2 years. She was a part of my 2015 Life Styled event and the rest is history! She has created some of my favorite looks and I love the fact that she seems to have my likes, dislikes and measurements etched in her brain. I mean I can call her and say, I need a gold dress and… VOILA! For FFFWeek® 2015 I wanted to do something different, wear shorts and Tameka made it happen with an amazing all white linen, high/low peplum short set. This quickly became one of my favorite looks; the shorts didn’t crawl at all (Thank God and Tameka) and that was all that I needed to be in love. Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl fresh wearing Diva By Tameka

I am so excited to share with you that Tameka is celebrating her second anniversary in a major way. Yes, she is producing her first solo event to commemorate this milestone and to share with you her latest creations. The Fashion & Music celebration is being hosted by MsNickeeMack (one word no period), Owner of Diva Day International. Oh and my favorite curvy poet, Grande’ Beauty will be speaking words of life on the mic. Fashion and music

For more information about this event and to get your tickets, click HERE

Make sure you show her some love ladies!