How To Twirl On Your Haters When They Come For You

Hey PHAT Girls!

Maui Bigelow curator of PHAT Girl FreshDearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life… Well we are but on a more serious note; today I want to talk a little about someone we all know, someone we all need and someone that is a pain in all of our butts; haters. You know who I am talking about, the negative people that come around funking up the positive air or at least making an attempt to. Those individuals who see your potential but try to down play it or act as though it ain’t what it is. Yeah, I know you know exactly who I am talking about!

Now before I go any further with this post, let me say that everyone isn’t hating on you. There are instances when some individuals who are keeping it real are accused of being a haters but the truth is never hate, it is the light!   With that in mind, let me really break it down because some of you have things twisted. Everyone that doesn’t agree with you isn’t a hater, we all have different opinions and we are entitled to them. Due to our differences you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that is not hating either, it is just life. Oh and just because a person is not here for all of your shenanigans doesn’t mean they have some sort of negative outlook about what you are doing, they may have other things on their plate… Like assuring that their affairs are properly organized. I witness people calling other haters all the time and while some times they are correct that is not always the case. Truth is being a hater runs deeper than a disagreement about life’s terms and conditions; so rule number 1 is to assure your suspected hater is really a hater and not just someone keeping it 100.

Now, back to the haters! Like I said, we all have haters and while they may discriminate… they don’t discriminate! Haters can care less about size, age, race or economic status, they will find a reason to deem you unworthy. Not because you are unworthy but because your light makes them uncomfortable. See, the truth is, we all have light, we all have gifts and we all were created with purpose but not all of us are as confident about what we have. The lack of confidence that some feel can cause jealousy, disappointment in self and anger; all things that fuel hate. So while you are minding your own business being great, something is brewing in them because they wish they embodied the courage and confidence to do and be more. So while the negativity is directed towards you, know that it is not about you at all.

Despite what fuels a person’s negativity towards you, it is vital that you continue to be your fabulous self. Take a page from my book and power up every time they appear with that bad energy. Some say it is petty (call me Petty Betty) but I refuse to allow anyone to steal my thunder so if that means I have to go harder… I GO HARDER!

Heck, sometimes you have to think… WHAT WOULD BEYONCE DO? And then you hear her singing, “I twirl on them haters,” so that is what you gotta do! NO, not a literal twirl (but that might work too), it is just a way of gracefully shutting them down. Don’t get it? Check This out!

When people tell you or others what you can’t do… prove them wrong! Nothing stands between you and your dreams but your efforts and hard work work work work work…


When a haters make negative remarks on your looks, make it clear that you could care less what they say because you love yourself and you know you are fabulous!



When the social media trolls continuously come for you, put on your petty coat and clap back. Sometimes you have to let them know that you are not some little pushover.



If they continue to come for you, you may have to show them that you mean business!


Just ignore them because the more you entertain them the worse it will be and before long there will be two fools in the situation instead of one. The fact is, when you know the truth, there is nothing to explain.

So tell me ladies, how do you handle the negative people that try to invade your space? Chime in ladies!

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Maui Bigelow curator of PHAT Girl Fresh

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