How I Mixed And Matched To Get The Perfect All White Look

Hello there PHAT Girls!

MAUI CURATOR OF PHAT GIRL FRESH  While I am not a fan of Summer (Spring and Fall either), there are things that I love during this time of year. During the Summer, you can expect several cookouts and at least three white parties; they are as much a part of Summer as heat waves and pool parties. Now I don’t know about you but I am here for both the cookouts and the white parties and I attend as many as I can but this Georgia heat… Not so much!

This year to commemorate the closing of the 38th chapter of my life and the beginning of the 39th chapter, I decided to have a white party. The party was a collaboration with two of my good friends and it was themed Cancer Takeover Grown and Sexy All White Day Party. I have to admit, it was not packed to capacity but the room was filled with the right people for a good time and a good time is what we had. MAUI CURATOR OF PHAT GIRL FRESH

I know that finding the right looked proved to be a challenge for several of the ladies and even I had challenges the day of with my planned look but things came together. I think that many times women want to find a complete look from one store or designer but not me. I have never been a fan of looking too matchy ( not a word but you feel me…right!). I am okay with mixing and matching to create the perfect look, which is exactly what I did.

Yeah I know I hustled backwards on this one because I posted the pictures last night but I have a lot of people asking about the look which means I had to share. So, stroll down from the deets of my all white birthday behavior!



Bustier: LiviRae Lingerie (The site is under construction, check out their FaceBook)

Convertible Dress (worn as a skirt): SwakDesigns

Shoes: Burlington

Accessories: Ashley Stewart 

So, what do you ladies think? Which do you prefer, a full matching look or mixing and matching? Chime in!