7 Times Shirleen Snatched The Folks From The Church Edges And Made Us LOL! 

Shirleen Well I think we all can agree that last week was hard. We all were in our feelings about the injustices that took place, with the murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the officers in Dallas. It is a known that we all deal with traumatic situations differently, some cry, some act out and some shut down. Honestly, I cry and shut down; which is what I did all last week. I cried, I prayed and I processed, now I am back!

I have learned that in times like these it is vital to take time for self. Self care is an important part of any healing and growth process, you have make sure you are good so that you can be available to handle whatever is next. There are many forms of self care, my friend Danielle Young from The Root shared several in a recent post (click Here to view). That post inspired me to share some humor with you because I know that like me, you can use it.

Now unless you spent last weekend under a rock, you caught the videos of the woman many of you are calling auntie. Well, her name is Shirleen and while she loves God, the folks at the church refuse to let her be great. It seems to me like Shirleen spends most of her time snatching her church members edges because they do and say the most and Shirleen is just like Homie (the clown from In Living Color), she don’t play that.

In the event that you have not met Shirleen or want to see what I mean by snatching edges, allow me to share with you!

  1. Speaking of edges… You young mothers need to give your baby’s edges a fighting chance.


  2. You will never get best dressed wearing “meaty-oak-re-a” clothes… it’s called being casual!

  3. All you worried about Shirleen business must not have read your bible because if you did you would know it says, “keepa thine business to thine self…”


  4. Stop letting these children sleep during church!

  5. Want better church clothes? Get a better relationship with God!


  6. You aint got no business taking your W-2 to the church!

  7. If you have a problem with Shirleen, bring it to her… Not the pastor!


You have to admit, laughter is the best medicine for whatever is wrong with you and Shirleen really gave us some good laughs. Honey, those white shoes were driving me crazy but I understand because God told her not to be too puffed up with her fashion. LOL!!!

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Christianee Porter is a proud native of Little Rock Arkansas who currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. She is an entertainer that loves to sing, rap, dance, and act. She loves Improv comedy and one of her greatest joys in life is to bring joy to other people. She is a woman who is committed to making clean, family friendly comedy cool again. She is proof that if you do what God has created you to do He will create a platform for you. Stay tuned in to The Christi Show.

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What is your take on Shirleen? What are some of your favorite Shirleen moments? How have you been coping with the recent events? Chime in ladies!



  1. Cocoa Hill
    October 23, 2016 / 10:03 pm

    I love Ms. Shirleen!!! She literally makes my day. I love everything from the way she talks, to the way she dresses, especially with her signature white shoes . But most of all, I love the body language and the walk after she has laid down the law! What a refreshing take on comedy!

    All are my favorites, but I must say the clip about grown women wearing baby hair and giving the babies a chance at edges are just a few of my favorites.

    I hope she continues to be herself and tell her truth!!! I just love her!!!

    • October 23, 2016 / 10:36 pm

      Yes!! Shirleen have me rolling!