It’s Not Yellow, It’s Marigold!

bloggers Maui of PHAT GIRL FRESH and Tiffany from Cute As A ButtonGuys really don’t get it! There is more to fashion and color than just the basics! Most of them just don’t see fashion, color and style the way we do. I know that they are capable of appreciating fashion and exhibiting their own unique style but very few of them are as detailed as most women are. They don’t have the time for all of the extra and in between, it just is what it is and that is all.

Sunday, I shared a conversation via Facebook between me and my son about a dress color. That conversation and dress are the inspirations for this post. I think that this is probably a normal reaction for most men but I was like damn my sweet little baby boy has turned into a dude (SMDH)! The conversation went like this:

Me: Zay, will you iron my dress

Zay: Yes ma’am, which one the yellow or the red?

Me: It’s not yellow, it’s marigold!

Zay: So the yellow one… RIGHT?

While things clearly are not simply black and white, it is still just the basics for most men.  They see yellow, we see: Amber, Saffron, Sun Glow, Marigold and Yellow (duh). LOL!! I am laughing as I type this because it is never just black and white with women no matter the situation and by now men should know that.


Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh On another note, the reason why I got all cute Sunday was because my friends got married…again! They were already married but they commemorated their one-year anniversary with a weekend of festivities that ended to them exchanging vows in the presence of many of their loved ones. This exchange was so special because they initially got married at the courthouse. Although I heard that all of the events were fun and very nice, I only got to attend the wedding and it was beautiful.

Happy Anniversary to Chris and Charlie Henderson, may your union be blessed with peace, prosperity and love forever.   Designer Chuck B Moore and her husband


My Style Journal

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh


Dress: Eshakti (similar colors)

Clutch: Allyse Jolie

Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target

Accessories: Ashley Stewart 

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh


Oh, Did i mention that I ran into my blogger boo and fellow ASU Ram at the wedding?  Yes, Mrs Cute As A Button was in the building slaying the scene as usual! She gave me my entire life in her African print dress honey! Yeah, we were complimenting one another with these colors… great minds. If you haven’t checked out her site please do, you will thank me later. 13510817_10100124544859232_6869216056360850946_n

I think the school systems are to blame for this color issue, they spent too much time focusing on the primary color; when they should have given us more of the spectrum. LOL!! What do you think ladies, do you see yellow or marigold?