#QueenShit: What Really Happens When Queens Link Up

Golden Confidence Pool party As I sit here and do a mental assessment of my week in the “Big Apple,” I have to admit that it doesn’t owe me anything but sleep. I must say that I enjoyed myself to the fullest, although it was work; I partied and connected with some amazing people. Since it is no secret that I hoard dope women, you already know that I have a few new boos to add to the collection of existing ones. We laughed, we danced and we talked as though we had known one another for years. Why? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN QUEENS LINK UP!

You should already know when queens link up all sorts of amazing things take place, it’s what I like to call #queenshit. What is #QueenShit some of you might wonder, well let me break it down in my terms. #QueenShit is a woman’s ability to reign supreme in any situation that she finds herself in. It is about a woman tapping into her greatness and being her best. When you do #QueenShit, it is not just beneficial to you, it uplifts your tribe and all of those in your midst.

Now I wouldn’t be keeping it real if I didn’t address the elephant in the room, so I will. I know that society says, we (women) are not capable of maintaining friendships. I know that the belief is that whenever two or more women are assembled, jealousy shows it’s face. Hell, to be honest, I have seen it happen on countless occasions. No one is perfect and we all are flawed but even in the midst of those flaws, mature women are able to hold one another down and lift one another up.

Yes, a woman who wears a crown upon her head is a beautiful sight, the brilliance of her crown is blinding. However, a woman who wears a crown on her heart is a priceless treasure whose beauty radiates from the inside, out. This woman is a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly. During my time in New York, I encountered many women who fit this description and  there were so many moments in which #queenshit took place because like I stated, that is what happens when queens link up.Full Figured Fashion Week

In the event that you were under a rock that was under an even bigger rock and you missed all of the festivities (live or via social media) that took place in the Big Apple or you still aren’t clear on what happens when queens link up; I have a visual. This is how it goes down when the squad rock the crowns!

  1. We walk in our purpose because we know that our potential is infinite!


  2. We work together to create something great for ourselves and others.


  3. We celebrate one another because we know when one of us win, we all win!


  4. We lend our voices and gifts to assure each others success.


  5. We speak to each others greatness.


  6. We delight in each others presence by:



Clowing around

And… Showing love!


    7.  We twirl on you haters, naysayers and troll!


     8.  And… We look damn good doing it all!



So yeah, like I said… All kind of amazing things happen when we link up!

What are some great things that happen when the queens in your midst link up? Chime in ladies, I want to hear from you!