Get Ready Big Apple, The Fat Girls Are About To Take A Bite

Hey PHAT Girls!

Young african american woman eating an appleI hope that you guys are having a great Saturday, I sure am! Listening to the latest Chrisette Michelle album, cleaning and prepping for my flight to the “Big Apple” tomorrow.

I am so excited about the big things (pun intended) that are going on in the plus community and I am honored to be able to participate. Without question, this is going to be an amazing time to be in or around the city that never sleeps. Today is the official kick off with my boo Essie Golden’s  Golden Confidence Pool Party.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of Full Figured Fashion Week® 2016 which includes a week full of daily events, parties and panels. Oh and Friday and Saturday The CurvyCon will be in full effect. All of this and I didn’t even mention the great pop-up shops being hosted by many plus size designers like Jibri.

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you don’t already have your tickets you are out of luck for several of the events. However, there are still some that you can attend. To save you the trouble, let me go ahead and tell you that Essie’s Golden Confidence Pool Party is sold out, while finalizing this post, CurvyCon sold out and many of the FFFWeek® events are sold out so it would be wise to check the calendars and stay tuned in to social media.

It is no secret that I hoard dope ass women, so you know I am looking forward to seeing all of my boos and meeting some new ones. I am expecting to see some major slayage at each and every event starting today! Never will it be said that the fat girls took a bite out of the big apple and didn’t look good doing it…NO MA’AM PAM! We can and we will be fabulous the entire week, not because the world is watching (although they are) but because that is the way we do it!

Words of advice to all the new comers:

  • Wear comfortable shoes! Between all of the walking and all of the dancing, your feet will need to be properly accommodated.

  • Calculate traffic into every trip! The traffic is no joke and if you don’t want to miss out big time, you better act like you know.

  • Don’t be standoffish! This a great opportunity both personally and professionally. I have had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with some amazing women each year I attended. I guarantee, your personality and communication will be your greatest accessories!  11390065_529099013904260_2504031136540068064_n

Chime in ladies! Have you attended either of these events? If so share a little of your experience with us. What did you enjoy most. Will you be in attendance this year? I hope so because we are going to have a ball!  If you are in attendance, don’t act funny when you see me, say HI!! AND LETS TAKE A SELFIE.. OR TWO!

Make sure you check the site every day for “My Style Journal” post, I know that you all want to see what I wear and I want to show you because I have some serious situations lined up.