Monochrome: How To Look Dope Despite Your Body Type

Hey PHAT Girl!!

Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh When it comes to fashion, society gives fat girls no grey area it is all black and white; and not too much white because according to them we shouldn’t go there either! Over the years I have heard so many things that I am not supposed to wear until it is crazy. How are we (the plus size community) supposed to look dope and exhibit our style when our options are so limited? I know all of my plus size ladies have heard these before, “you’re too big for stripe or polka dots” and “You can’t wear all white it will make you look bigger.” Yeah, I thought so! To these and all of society’s other rules; I say, “to hell with that, I wear what I want!”

Yes!! I live to break rules and to prove that you can be stylish and on trend at any size. It is my mission to keep pushing the envelope and encouraging my fellow fat girls to do the same thing. No society may not applaud us and we may get called a couple of names but who cares about a hater when you’re doing you! The saying is, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” I say when society restricts you to black and white, give them a dope ass monochrome look.

“Now about that black and white area… I am here for it as long as I can mix it up and add my style and since I wear what I want, that is exactly what I did. This look, is all about breaking rules! Polka dots and stripes together, in harmony for the perfect monochrome slay. Oh and guess what? No one died!”Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh


Body suit and skirt by Chuck B. Moore

The thing about fashion is, it has the ability to be played so many ways based on a person’s individual style. This is why it is important to ignore society’s standards and do what works for you. This is not just for plus size women but for all women because no matter your shape, size or height at some point you have come face to face with one of society’s don’ts.

Because I know how important it is for women and girls to be encouraged and influenced by other women in their image, I have linked up with two of my blogger boos to assure that women experience something great in the form of diversity and unity. Myself along with Melodie of The Style Klazit and Ramona of Tall Tales By Ramona O have joined forces to bring you; beauty, fashion and lifestyle from a Tall, Small and Round perspective. This collaboration will be known as 3x Dope.

We are three magical black girls who’s views are just as different as our hues of brown skin and body types. However, as women we are able to respect one another’s difference and give you some dopeness from three different points of view.


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So ladies, what do you think? Are you down for mixing things up or do you play it safe?

What are your thoughts on the 3x Dope concept? Do we have your support? If so, you can find us all over the internets @3xdope.

Chime in ladies, you know I want to hear from you!!Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh