The Recap: PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled

Happy PHAT Girl Friday!

I know that you guys have grown tired of hearing me talk about the PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event. Well, too bad because I have a little more to share and say. I mean dang guys, this is my baby; I brag on my other two babies and I feel obligated to the same with this one. Okay, I will make a deal with you; let me do this post and I will give you a little bit of a break ( just a little now)!

By now you all know that last Saturday was “THE DAY”! Yes, the PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event was in full affect at Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the event’s third year and I could not be prouder of the way that things transpired.Honorees Ty Alexander and Chante Burkett

All of the participants in the runway show, showed up and showed out. All of the attendees enjoyed shopping, networking and good food and drinks. All of the honorees were in attendance and they were presented their honors by women who were able to truthfully speak to the women they are. Now that is the best woman to woman situation ( sorry Shirley Brown). Just in case you missed it and are curious about the presenters, below you will find their names.

Even in a perfect world, I couldn’t imagine things being better. In my opinion the event was a success not because of me but because of so many of you. Yes, the tickets sold out but even that is not what made the event so amazing. My joy came from the love and support you showed me, the event and one another. So many of the women in attendance traveled great distances just to be in the building for a few hours and so many other women sacrificed their time and energy when they could have easily been somewhere else. While the event is my baby and I put in a lot of work, the support that you showed was vital. It makes me feel good to know that the audience, participants and honorees were all able to enjoy the event and connect with one another.

I can’t point out one thing that stood out more than another because all of the designers were amazing and so were all of the performances. However, I can tell you that I had the opportunity to tell someone that impacted my life in a major way just how much I love and appreciated her for the seeds she planted in my life. Katherine Caldwell is the mother of honoree Carmen Caldwell, she was once a financial aid adviser at Albany State University. Had it not been for her advise, I may have fallen by the waist side because I was in no way serious about my education. See her walk in the door, made my heart smile because in that moment I felt that I could do something that I may not have ever got the chance; that was to look her in the eyes and tell her exactly how she helped usher me into womanhood.Honoree Mariah Huq and guest

Honestly, I could go on and on about the 2016 Life Styled event but I won’t. I have a list that I longer than the yellow brick road of people that I want to thank but I can’t do that. However, I do want to recognize all of the sponsors because had it not been for them, I would have pulled out every strand of my hair.  I also want to say to all of the participants, model, volunteers and attendees, THANK YOU! To all of the honorees, I SALUTE YOU!PHOTOS FROM THE PHAT GIRL FRESH PRESENTS LIFE STYLED EVENT BY BRYANT ANDREWS JR


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DeVoe Signature Events 


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Strength Of Nature

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ORS (Diva Day International

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Check out the photos from the photo booth provided by Red Carpet Express below by clicking the image.

Photos provided by Red Carpet Express


Were you in the building, if so what did you enjoy most? If not, did you hear about the event? Chime in ladies and tell me what you think.

For more photos and footage, head over to the PHAT Girl Fresh Facebook Page and check out more photos from the PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event.

Oh, and… SAVE THE DATE, May 6. 2017 the PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event will be back!