Color Me Bad; Fat, Fabulous And Rocking Any Color I Want

Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh I know that the “rule” is, fat girls should shy away from wearing colors. I think that we are allowed a pop of color but not too much because that is a major violation. We are supposed to avoid bringing too much attention to all the curves, fluff and rolls that we have. We should wear more black because it is slimming and we want to be slim… Right? Nah Son! I’m not here for that, like I told you before; I wear what I want!

Honestly, if fat girls followed every fashion rule that society  created based on our sizes, we wouldn’t be the fabulous women that we are. We would be fat and frumpy but who has time for frumpy when you can slay. I think that it is crazy that we are expected to live in a box just because of our size. What is even sadder is that so many plus size women adhere to society’s rules because they are afraid of backlash. I love the way I look in red, but according to society I should avoid it or risk hearing, “HEY KOOL-AID” when i walk outside. Well, call me kool-aid if you like; just make sure your talking about tropical punch because cherry ain’t my thing. What you need to know is that I refuse to let people who don’t contribute to my shopping habit dictate what I wear. Oh and fat shamers, MY CLAP BACK IS DEADLY!When I say I wear what I want,  I mean that with all my heart. I think the confidence to do this has been with me since I was a young girl. Like many of my beliefs, it was adopted from something that one of the great women in my life taught me. This came from a word of advice from my Nannie, it has always played in my head and lived my heart, she would always tell me and my cousin Peaches,


“when you get dressed get dressed for you, don’t worry about no one else. People will tell you that you look good when you look like sh#t or that you look like sh#t when you look good.”Maui Bigelow Of PHAT GIRL FRESH  

I am a very colorful person and while I love all black, my style, attitude and personality will not allow me to follow society’s color restriction rules for fat girls. I live to mix things up, especially the colors in my wardrobe. I hope that you feel the same and are bold enough to dismiss the views of others and be you without apologies or reservations.



TOP: EGO Boutique 

Skirt (actually a dress): SWAK Designs 

Shoes: Macy’s (old)

What do you think about this rule breaking colorful look? Chime in ladies, I want to hear from you. Are you bold enough to break society’s rules or do you live in the box, why?

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  1. Audrey
    May 9, 2016 / 8:00 pm

    Like you I love color. Thank you so much for this blog!!!#orangegirl