Things My Mama Told Me As A Child That Didn’t Make Sense Until I Was An Adult

 I think that it is vital that my supporters are able to connect with me in as many ways as possible. I want to assure that you know more than the woman that I am now. I think that it is just as important that I share with you, where I come from and who I come from too. With this in mind and since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I want to share a little of my mother with you.

If you are truly a supporter of PHAT Girl Fresh or know me personally, you know that I am a woman’s woman. You should also know that this truth is solely because of my upbringing. I was raised and nurtured by some of the strongest women the world may ever know. They laid a foundation and stirred up things in me that are amazing to say the least. These women are the reason that I am bold and unapologetic, they are the reason that I know so much about life and they are responsible for why I know that I am stronger than any force that tries to come against me.

 As a young girl, while the other kids were outside playing, I was inside tucked away in a corner absorbing much of what these women said and did. Yep, I had to hide because I am from the country and it is a known fact that, “children don’t sit up round grown folks when they are talking (and God forbid my mama or anyone else catch me).” Many times, I didn’t totally understand (due to age and lack of knowledge) the conversations but I listened because I knew that one day, it would come in handy. 

Speaking of my mother, let me give you ladies a little tea to sip. This woman is known for being no nonsense, anyone who knows her will tell you that Cat (her nickname) doesn’t play the radio. Yeah, she is loving and giving but don’t get her timing wrong (one of her sayings). Oh and please know that the lady has probably never been short of words her entire life. My Nannie (my grandmother), says that she has been opinionated and strong willed ever since she met her (that would be birth) LOL!

For most of my life, I remember my mother telling me different things about life (dropping gems) and while I listened, I can’t say that I totally understood; honestly, I didn’t understand at all. Aside from me being too young, her delivery was not plain; it seemed as though she was sharing riddles. However, now that I have grown into a woman, those things not only make sense but I appreciate her for them because I apply them to life on the regular.

Allow me to share a few of those gems my mama dropped that I carry with me daily.


“Only a fool would argue or fight with another woman over and much right man”

Breakdown: A much right man is a single man. This man is not claiming any woman as his own which makes him free to come and go and do as he pleases with any woman. Women would be foolish to argue or fight over this type man.


“I’m too old of a cat to be a kitten”

Breakdown: With age comes wisdom. Grown women don’t do what they did as girls or what girls do. It is all about elevation.


“The more you stir up shit, the more you attract flies.”

Breakdown: Drama attracts people and things that are unwanted. If you want to avoid the nuisance, don’t engage in what attracts them…DRAMA!


“A cow needs his tail more than once to fan flies”

Breakdown: Never forget that life happens and it often happens more than once.

“Don’t take no wooden nickels”

Breakdown: You can’t spend wooden nickels, so why take them. Don’t let people just give you anything or tell you anything, especially when you know it is not right.


“Nobody has any use for somebody that won’t work at a pie factory tasting pies”

Breakdown: Working at a pie factory tasting pies has to be the easiest job in the world, if a person won’t even do that, they are just plain lazy. Don’t get into a relationship with a lazy person because you will never prosper.


These are just a few of the gems that she has dropped. Funny huh? While they may sound country and crazy, they are relevant to life and they were beneficial to me as I transitioned into womanhood.

What are some gems that your mother dropped? Did you pick them up and apply them to life or did you leave them lying on the ground? Chime in ladies!!


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    May 3, 2016 / 2:10 pm

    Good wisdom. I like it.