Curvy Style With Timothy Snell


CurvyStyle-Torrid-500I am just loving the fact that media is becoming more open to creating content and entertainment that shines a positive light on plus size women. For so long we have been left to sit in a corner (like Baby on Dirty Dancing) but lately, there is more amazing representation. Maybe this shift is because our (plus size women) attitudes have changed and some of us have become so bold we can’t be denied. The shift could also be attributed to the fact that their are so many curvy celebrities who make being fly look effortless. Despite the cause of the curvy uprising, I am here for it because it is long overdue.

Speaking of the curvy uprising and the increased inclusion of curvy girls and curvy content, I am so excited about Centric‘s new show; Curvy Style With Timothy Snell. While celebrity stylists like Rachel Zoe have had television shows before, this is the first one of its kind to specifically highlight plus-size women. Not only does the show display positive images of curvy woman but it educates on fashion, styling options and affordable shopping. It is great to have someone who is known and respected for styling curvy women to create a platform of this nature because we all know that not everyone is capable of creating looks that compliment the curvy woman.

With over 15 years of experience and a host of celebrity clients including Queen Latifah and the late great Whitney Houston, Timothy Snell is more than qualified to talk all things fashion and that is exactly what he doing. During this series, Snell will take us with him as he faces the crappy reality of the lack of inclusion of plus size women in fashion. Snell will tackle many of the issue that plus size women face in fashion head-on while styling curvy celebs, like Jazmine Sullivan, as well as everyday women like you and me. timothy_snell_wenn

In an interview with StyleBlazer, Snell was asked about style tips for plus size women, his answer was something that I have been preaching for years;

“First thing you need to learn your body. Learn your body, and when you shop, shop for the largest part of your body, so that particular garment will hang with ease in that area, and then you tailor back everything else to fit you properly. I would say don’t be afraid of color, choose color wisely. Monochromatic is a great way to look chic and sophisticated. It’s a great way to keep yourself slim, and keep yourself entrenched in color. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with color. I always say look at yourself before you walk out the room, and think to yourself would you look at this person and think this looks cool.

Curvy Style With Timothy Snell premieres Saturday, April 30th at 10/9 central on Centric! His show delivers A-list chic for every physique–Saturdays at 10/9 central on Centric—the first network designed for Black women.  Shop all the hottest women’s fashion for sizes 10 to 30 at your local Torrid store or


Chime in ladies, do you plan to tune in? If so, you may as well watch it with me and my girl Kim of Her Biz Life. This show it totally a girlfriends show and who can resist the opportunity for some time with your good good girlfriends, even if it is online. We will be watching and adding our two cents live on Blab tomorrow night, why not join us for a little curvy conversations!