Styled By Yolanda Ann: How To Jump Fresh In PHAT Girl Gear

Hey PHAT Girls!

Designer/Stylist Yolanda Ann   By now it is clear that I hoard dope ass women! I just love a woman that is bold, unapologetic and eager to take over the world. You know, a woman who is not worried about failing because she is too concerned with flying. These type of women inspire me to do me to do all kinds of Queen shit and I live for all of the potential and promise they bring to the table.  One of those women is Houston, Texas own, Yolanda Ann.

Yolanda is the owner of EGO Boutique, designer at EGO Signatures and the founder of the EGO Alliance. In a very short time, Yolanda has transitioned  from boutique owner to a designer who offers a la carte’ styling services. The thing that I appreciate most about Yolanda is that she is not afraid to do the work that will assure she gets the results that she wants. She had a desire to take her brand to the next level and she did that by taking classes and gaining knowledge in every way possible. She didn’t just jump off the porch and label herself anything(like some people) , she did what needed to be done to have receipts (proof of her skills).

As I stated earlier, Yolanda is the founder of EGO Alliance, a dedicated group of models that Yolanda chooses to represent her brand. These women are groomed and educated about fashion, the industry and life by Yolanda. She is not just using them as brand ambassadors, she is helping them live theirs dreams and pushing them to go to the next level; even if that means going beyond the EGO brand.

Last Saturday, Yolanda held a photo shoot with some of the models from EGO Alliance and I was able to play a part by sending her some shirts from PHAT Girl BouTEEque. I was eager to see exactly how she was going to style herself and ladies, because some people think that all tee shirts are made for are jeans and dressing down (LIES). Luckily Yolanda is not one of those people, she know that all fashion is capable of being whatever you want it to be, all you have to do is insert your own personal style and that is exactly what she did.

With the help of her fabulous makeup artist Frankie Grant and talented photographer Lennz Bennett II, Yolanda did not disappoint in regards to styling the EGO Alliance in their PHAT Girl Gear. I know you are just as inquisitive (nosy) as I am so allow me to share the looks with you.



Model: Shyleta Shy Pinkney

PHAT Girl Gear styled by Yolanda Ann


Model: Shahidah Rahman

PHAT Girl Gear styled by Yolanda Ann


Model: Brittany Nicole McMillian

PHAT Girl Gear styled by Yolanda Ann


Model: Aya Washington

PHAT Girl Gear styled by Yolanda Ann


Model: Liz Lyons

PHAT Girl Gear styled by Yolanda Ann

Yes, jump fresh ladies!!! Of course I think they are cute but I could be a little partial *Kanye shrug*  What do you ladies think, chime in!


OH!!!  Theses shirts are some of the new PHAT Girl Gear that will be available tomorrow.  You shopping or you buying (in my Birdman voice)?



  1. April 28, 2016 / 3:59 pm

    Maui I’m lost for words!! Thank you for the awesome collaboration and I am honored!

    • April 28, 2016 / 4:21 pm

      You’re welcome Yolanda! I should be thanking you!