Why These Denim Pants Are One Of My New Favorite Things

Hey PHAT Girls!Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh

I know that I have told you several times about my love/ hate relationship with jeans/pants. I love them and I want to wear them but I hate them because it is rare that I can find a pair that fit properly. As a petite apple-shaped woman, my needs when it comes to jeans are a lot different from any other woman, including other plus size women. The struggle is indeed real, so instead of giving myself a headache, I have just avoided jeans/pants for years. I literally have two pair of jeans that I am comfortable with and they are both over five years old. However, thanks to Marla Wynne, I have another pair.

*insert praise dance*  Yes, I have a pair of jeans that are without question; one of my new favorite things. These jeans/pants are so comfortable and most of all accommodating; they literally cover all the bases because as I stated a minute ago, my needs are different. I know some of you are probably wondering, how much could she possibly need from a pair of jean/pants, so I will tell you. Maybe  other brands will read and take notes so that me and my apple-shaped sisters can have choices when it comes to buying pants.

Jean/Pant Requirements For Apple-Shaped Women

  • They must have the correct raise. Just because you have a fuller tummy area doesn’t always mean you need a high rise jean/pant. Many of us tend to have short waist so it’s important to know your rise when shopping. Many stylist say that the rise should not go above the belly botton because it can add fabric to your problem area but I beg to differ, I think that based on the style of jean/pant it can add control; this is why I prefer a higher rise.
  • They must have the right amount of stretch. Be sure to check the label to find out what your jeans/pants are made of. Fabric content plays a huge part in how your jeans/pants look on your body.  1-2% lycra mix in the fabric content is always a plus, it helps to promote great support, comfort and for keeping shape. Personally, I think that jeans with a cotton, polyester & lycra mix keep my shape best.
  • They must be comfortable to sit in. Many times, you can go down a size based on the fabric content of jeans/pants just make sure that if you down size the jeans are still comfortable to sit in.
  • They must accent your assets. I love my thighs and legs so I need a jean/pant that accents them both; for this reason, I prefer straight leg, skinny or crop styles. Keep in mind, jeans that hide your leg shape will make you look bigger than you really are… And surely you don’t want that. Also while we are talking about assets, jean/pants must compliment my booty. Many apple-shaped ladies tend to have flatter booties than other women. If you are one of those women, the key here is to look for a jean that will give your booty more depth. Flap pockets are good for this as they give the illusion your bottom has shape.
  • They must be the right length. Like many apple- shaped women, I am petite. This means that I need a petite jean/pants! DUH!! Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh


I am so excited  designer Marla Wynne gets it because there are so many women like myself who don’t have to avoid jeans/pants any more. I found out that Marla had a greater understanding of the female body and making pants that worked for women of all sizes when I met her last Fall in NYC. While visiting her and trying on some clothing I found that her pants were a pretty good fit for me and my oh so different body.  While those pants were good, her new side zip denim pants are a little slice of heaven. ThePlusProject_v2

Want to find to see more from the Marla Wynne Collection? Well head on over to HSN where it is sold exclusively. There is also an opportunity for you to help Marla with her latest collection as a part of The Plus Project.

The Plus Project is a way for the everyday woman to inspire Marla to create a collection that will accommodate plus size women. The Plus Project is a collaboration between Plus Model Magazine’s  Editor-in-Chief Madeline “Maddy” Jones and designer Marla Wynne and they are inviting us (plus size women) to collaborate with them on the development of Marla’s collection. You can find out more about The Plus Project and Marla’s amazing pants this weekend when her and Maddy are live on HSN. Listen out for a familiar caller during one of the airings, (hint) she is PHAT Girl Fresh. The show hours are listed below.

Saturday April 23

7-8 AM

3-4 PM

Sunday April 24

8-10 AM


Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh

So P.H.A.T. Girls, what do you think about my new denim pants? Oh and did I mention that they also come in white too!?!?

Chime in, I want to hear about your favorite jeans and what requirements they must meet to accommodate your shape. Have you had a chance to try Marla Wynne’s pants; If so, what do you think?