My Style Journal: Giving Old Denim New Life

Hey Ladies!

Things in my closet may get too small but it never gets too old. There is nothing like a good throw back piece styled properly. When done right, you can get and give life all over again in that same clothing.

There are so many ways to revamp clothing; button covers can change the look of your favorite top, adding a jacket, vest or stole can change the look of a dress and distressing denim can change the look of the entire article of clothing.

While we are on the subject of denim, allow me to share some ways that I have given my old denim new life.

1. I can’t tell a lie, I have lost several pair of jeans due to these thunder thighs of mine rubbing together. However instead of trashing them, I found a way to use them. Yes, I live by the motto: “when life gives you busted jeans… MAKE EARRINGS!” Whilst people think that you should only buy earrings by checking out or from specialized jewelers, which is fair, making your own can be really good fun! Check out this funky earrings made from an old pair of jeans.


I made these earrings by looping strips of denim on a pair of basic pair hoop earrings. Just to add some additional flavor. I slid on a few black beads. I don’t think they’d look out of place online at, don’t you agree?

2. While I don’t wear jeans often, I have several pairs. One of my favorite places to purchase jeans is Ashley Stewart. Their jeans have the right amount of stretch and they rise high enough to suck in that tummy; which if you have a body like mine… THAT IS A PLUS! While employed at Ashley Stewart years ago, I purchased several pairs of the brands first skinny jeans and I am still just as in love with them. Since I owned like 5 pairs and they all were identical, I decided to distress a pair of them and create a new look.


First I used a box cutter to rip the jeans to my liking. Following the cutting process, used bleach to fade the denim in certain areas and then I washed and dried the denim to create the frayed look. There are no rules to doing this, it is all about your personal style.

3. I don’t know who among us doesn’t need a jean jacket! Again I have several in different styles. One of my favorites is a denim jacket that was a part of a set my bestie brought me for Christmas many years ago. It holds sentimental value because my friend is now deceased. A couple of years ago, it got hung up on something and ripped. While I was pissed, clearly I wasn’t about to trash my jacket; so I cut it to create a denim bolero.


I simply cut the jacket so that it fell under my breast instead of at my hips.
Cute huh? Just a few fun ways to put a spin on this timeless staple in fashion, denim.

Chime in ladies, tell me how you go about adding a little new flavor to your old clothes.



  1. March 13, 2016 / 6:48 pm

    Heyyyyy! this was a totally great read…. and helpful information on how to switch things up. I to understand the life of thunder thighs expanding and how to readjust clothes consider the portion changes. I love the ideas of the denim earrings. I have made headwraps out of pieces that no longer functioned as clothing options because there are just some pieces you just can’t let go.