21 Women Who Prove You Can Be Body Positive And Fully Clothed

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl FreshThe body positive movement is one that is vital to many communities of women. It is one that encourages women to love their whole selves not just the parts of them that society accepts. This movement is also about respecting the diversity that is present in society in regards to the bodies of others. It is an empowering movement for all who embrace it and it should not be taken lightly or tainted by negativity or exclusion. 

 I honestly find it sad that even with this movement being so meaningful to the growth and development of so many women, negativity has found a way to show its face. This negativity has caused many women to feel as though they have no place in this movement simply because their approach is different from other body positive women. However, the truth is, there is no one way to be body positive and it is important that women understand that. 

If you search social media the way that I do, you will understand the frustration that myself and women like me feel in regards to the body positive movement. More and more, all of the representations you see of body positive women are dressed in lingerie or nude, while I am in no way shading or shaming those women, they are not the only representation of the body positive woman. There are those of us who choose to remain clothed and use our voices as an expression of how we love our bodies and how we respect the bodies of others. PHATGIRLFRESH.COM

If we are realistic and truthful about this thing; there are women who pose nude in the name of body positivity that are far from it, they are just wearing the mask. The confidence that a body positive woman must embody has nothing to do with what she wears or what she doesn’t wear. That confidence comes from loving yourself and knowing that you are more than enough. It is a woman’s prerogative to exhibit that confidence however she chooses to do so. While some women make the choice to display their confidence and love for their body nude, others (myself included) have decided to show their confidence while clothed. Although there is a huge difference we have to understand that either way a woman chooses to show the world that she loves her body is fine, as long as that is her truth. 

For women who are plus size, disabled and/or different from the norm, being positive about our bodies can prove to be a challenge. It is hard to remain positive when society places so much negativity around who you are by forming stereotypes that are far from the truth and creating beauty standards that exclude us. However, there are many women who push forward and show the world just how much they love their bodies in spite of.

Just in case you have not witnessed these beautiful women who express their body positivity fully clothed, I want to share a few with you.

Greetings!! @phat_girl_fresh asked me to be apart of her #bodypositiveandfullyclothed project and I'm honored!! Here's my Tea! Take a sip ☕️ • People assume that I’ve always been ok with my height, that’s a negative! When I was in middle school, a guy told me, “You’re so pretty BUT too tall.” After that incident, I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb and somewhat resented my height from then on! Even during my college years, I had a guy friend to tell me I shouldn’t be surprised if I guy chose a more petite woman as a spouse over me!! YUP He went there!! I receive countless compliments, most I don’t remember BUT I remember the negative comments. WHY is that?? Why hold on to negative energy?? People have personal preferences and we shouldn’t take them so personal! If a guy wants a petite woman, that’s what he likes and it’s no shade to you! You’re still beautiful and we shouldn’t allow others the power of validating our beauty that comes from within. I’ve accepted who I am and I realize that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I rest in that! Last thing, don’t allow something you can’t change (height) have a negatively impact your self esteem. Tall Team Rep, Ramona O • #TallWoman #tallanddope #talltalesbyramonao

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When I look at my body, I'm reminded of all I've overcome. I'm reminded of how much I used to hate it, but I'm also reminded of all that I've fought for, and how happy I am with my body now! Every stretch mark tells a story, whether it's of that time I ordered a second piece of cheesecake, or of the four children I carried in my womb; and every lump and bump is a part of me, and has helped me become the person I am today. Body positivity is so much more than just believing that your body is beautiful—it's the idea that regardless of those stretch marks, those dimpled thighs, that jiggly belly, or whichever quality society has deemed "unsightly," that your body deserves to be loved, just the way it is! There is no need to prove anything, if you're not comfortable baring it all on social media, or simply choose not to, never think that makes you less body positive than anyone else who is! We need to support each other, and raise each other up! Body positivity is for everyone, and I am thankful for those who are willing to show their skin, as well as those who aren't, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being #BodyPositiveAndFullyClothed!!! ??? #flightofthefatgirl #FOTFG

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I've been asked to join the #bodypositiveandfullyclothed movement with @phat_girl_fresh ? LV: Now that I've embraced myself entirely, I love so many aspects of my body. I think my eyes are one of the best parts. A long time ago, I used to think they were too far apart, but now they are so soulful and black that I can harness all types of fierceness with them. #LeahVDaily #DetroitBlogger #stylegram #honormycurves #fatshion #curvesreign #psootd #motd #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #plussize #plusmodelmag #ootdshare #instastyle #outfitpost #fashionpost #fashiondiaries #todaysoutfit #curvy #outfitoftheday #fashionista #DetroitModel #fashionaddict #blackgirlswhoblog #igstyle #dubai #newyorkstyle #chicagostyle #bbw

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I exude sex appeal and attract men fully clothed. We have to stop thinking that nakedness is the new face of confidence. I use to be proud to be a BBW now I quiver at the phrase. I want plus size women to be more than lingerie, porn and adult models. Year after year, I see plus size women loosing more and more clothing to get attention. I want to be more than the "big sexy chick" in a meme, I want to be known as "Woman" , classy , sophisticated and real. #TheGrandeBeauty #GrandeBeauty #SultryPoetess #TheRealGrandeBeauty #TheWritingsOnMyWalls #Poetess #Poet #Poetry #SpokenWordArtist #Spokenword #NeoSoul #Sultry #Sexy #Sensual #Captivating #Hypnotic #effyourbeautystandards #poetic #sexy #sensual #plussize #versesandflow #bodyposi #fattitude #sizeacceptance #fuckfatfobia #pluslife #PhatGirlFresh #BodyPositiveAndFullyClothed

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M O O D #goldenconfidence #blackgirlmagic

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Style and beauty is *NOT* about size!!! It’s about the way you express yourself, the confidence you exude, and embracing your harshest critic… *YOURSELF*!!! I am a PROUD size 20 woman! Proud because I *REFUSE* to adhere to social norms from mainstream media that say that I need to be skinny in order to dress fashionably, be pretty, or be of worth! Proud because I’ve fought my biggest bully, MYSELF, and I no longer cringe when I see my reflection, or shy away from cameras, or suck in my stomach when I’m in public to try to appear thinner. Proud because I no longer step on the scale to determine my worth! And proud because I can ROCK OUT in fashion that TOTALLY shows off my size 20 figure, with FULL confidence and pride! For the longest time, I’d wear super loose fitting clothes that were 50 shades of black. My only fashion goal was to cover up the plus size body that I was so ashamed of… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I was hidden from the world, my peers, my friends, my family, and myself. I no longer recognized myself – that once free-spirited wide-eyed girl with all the optimism in the world was replaced by someone who constantly lived in the shadows of “normalcy”, and size 0 models on TV, movies, and in magazines. I thought something must have been seriously wrong with me if I was literally twice the size of the women that I’m “supposed” to look like. I didn’t know that mainstream media only chose the thinnest women, and I didn’t know about anorexia, and I certainly didn’t know about Photoshop or airbrushing (which is why I refuse to use Photoshop for any of my images today, including this one). I have only one life to live, and I CHOOSE to live it to its fullest! I CHOOSE to be happy! I CHOOSE to dress fashionably! And I CHOOSE to recognize the ignorance of others, and embrace those who shine and radiate positivity into my life! My life has been brightened by body positive advocates, and I hope to help brighten your lives! Shine on Everybody! Karen.

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Hey, fellow #fat people. One of y'all sent me an email this morning that made me think a lot about the experience of the fat bodied yoga student. It's very hard to get past the mental blockage of being fat- our society has shrouded it in so much shame that many of us find it unspeakably difficult to even attempt vigorous exercise styles because we're still licking our wounds from all the times we've been made to feel inadequate for being fat. This is something I understand more than I'd rather- it may seem like I'm effortlessly confident, especially when practicing yoga, but I don't pretend to be immune to the shared emotional trauma we're all trying to resolve. Anyway, this lovely (& anonymous) bae voiced a number of concerns that I know many of you are grappling with, both on & off your mat,Here's a snippet of what I said: "You are not alone. All of the concerns you've expressed are the concerns of new fast paced yoga students. Even students without the medical conditions you've mentioned. EVEN SMALLER BODIED STUDENTS. Even myself. However, what I did (and what I always encourage others to do), is modify to where you are right now, even if it's nothing like where the teacher/other students find themselves. You might just be working on transitioning from standing to kneeling constantly. That's a MASSIVE transition from inactivity. It's unreasonable to expect your body to perfectly manage transitions it's literally never encountered before. You are not expected to do everything perfect and I think THAT'S the hardest thing to mentally resolve-that you don't have to do everything perfectly. Even if you are just trying to work on child's pose or transitioning from hands and knees to downward facing dog. I'm telling you, ALL OF THESE THINGS SEEMED IMPOSSIBLE TO ME IN THE BEGINNING." When you reset your mind to say "it doesn't matter if it's hard as hell and I can't do it at all, I'm just going to give it a shot", you give yourself the only tool you need: CONFIDENCE. ALLOW YOURSELF THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE CONFIDENT. STOP LOOKING FOR VALIDATION FROM OTHER PEOPLE. YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED. (I know I'm shouting but this a big deal, ok?) #madeforyoga @mandukayoga

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There is this thing in the wheelchair community called a "life day” in which you celebrate that whatever put you in your wheelchair could have killed you but it didn’t, you’re still alive. I never got in an accident or something like that so I did not know if I was entitled to such a day but, at the time of my first life day it was the kind of thing I so desperately needed. Today marks my second Life Day or more specifically the anniversary of me being told that I had a chronic illness. I was standing on a table about to sing “Take me or Leave" in the midst of my Act 2 run-through of RENT when I nearly fainted. I insisted on staying and not taking an ambulance to the hospital but, the first responder gave me two options: he could either take me in that moment or wait a few minutes until I passed out so he had implied consent. I reluctantly took the ambulance to the hospital where I would spend the night. I can’t deny that this day isn’t hard but, it is also a celebration of the wonderful life I still continue to have with my autonomic disorder/ disability. It’s about celebrating everything I’ve accomplished despite this illness and all the opportunities that have come along the way. It’s about being grateful for the wonderful humans who continue to love and support me through everything. ? • • • #warriorbeads #wheellife #wheelchairlife #wheelchair #wheelchairbarbie #chronicillness #invisibleillness #autonomicdysfunction #dysautonomia #potsie #neurocardiogenicsyncope #butyoudontlooksick #spoonie #spoonielife #selflove #gratutude #spreadcompassion #1boy4change #lifeday #actress #singer #dancer #performer #triplethreat #broadway #theatre #musicaltheatre

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As a size 26/28 woman that is regularly at the negotiation table, I make sure i walk in the room feeling my most confident. In business (and in regular life), how you present yourself matters! What if I wore a tracksuit to a board meeting? Think that would help me to be taken seriously? Or anyone really… NO. But the mistake is thinking that a trip to the grocery store or to our kids school does not have the same amount of importance as that board meeting. You never know who you are going to meet! At any moment you could cross paths with your future, so you better be ready baby & grab your power outfit. EVERY day is a big day, EVERY breath we take is a blessing, so dress for the job you want, not the job you have. That means take pride in who you are and how you present yourself, because as they say your vibe attracts your tribe. Sharing my "Power Outfit" recipe on the blog and links to other ways to make your power outfit at www.LifeAndStyleOfJessica.com. Plus shop my collections at www.societyplus.com @societyplus. _______ @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/28kwn #liketkit

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It seems that I left some panties in a bunch when I stated that I was "body positive and fully clothed." However, I will not apologize because that is my truth and I stand behind the entire statement that I made. I want women to know that they can love your body without sharing it with the world. I also want them to know that it is their right to show as much of it as the desire. There is not one way to express body positivity and I refuse to allow someone to make me or you feel that way. Some women use the art nudity to express their body positivity and others (me included) use the art of style but the message should remain the same. All bodies of all shapes, sizes and colors are beautiful and if you can't get into that… The the hell on! #PhatGirlFresh #bodypositive #queenshit #PlusSize #curvy #bodypositiveandfullyclothed

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Daily, I witness the movement excluding the everyday woman because she decides to express her position in a way that is fitting for her. The truth is different women are empowered in different ways and while you may not agree with another woman’s way, it is not your place to isolate, shame or frowned upon her.

What is your take on the body positive movement? Chime in ladies, I really what to hear from you!