PHAT Girl Friday Spotlight: Comedian Star Carter

Hey ladies, happy PHAT Girl Friday!

 As we prepare for the PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event, I want to introduce you to someone who is very important to the event. You know that every show or event must have a great host to navigate things and keep the crowd engaged, well I am happy to say that I have just the woman for the job. The person is none other than Comedian Star Carter.

I have known Staria for nearly 20 years (yeah we getting old), she and I both attended Albany State University. I can honestly say that even before she accepted her calling as a comedian, Staria was a character. Ask anyone who has spent time with her and they will all say the same thing, Staria is a fool!

Since Staria decided to pursue a career as a comedian, doors have consistently opened in her favor which is proof that she is where she is supposed to be. Her resume boost work with brands from many different genres like Delta, Ashley Stewart and various churches and women’s conferences, just to name a few. Oh, and did I mention her HE-LARRY-US videos, many of which have gone viral? Yeah, the girl is really doing big things and making the world laugh out loud.

” Being a stand up comedien was not my goal but God’s plan!”

When speaking about her life and where she got such a outgoing personality, Staria said this, “I come from a family of VERY FUNNY & SILLY people. My 92yr old grandmother is hands down the funniest person I know along with my mom & brother.  Many people would be surprised at how much hardship me & my family have personally experienced but we are determined to keep laughing and remain thankful for what God continues to do for us. ”

Of course since it is PHAT Girl Friday, I had to find out about her PHAT truth. Check out what she shared with us:


 I am most passionate about making people laugh or smile at least once a day. Also, supporting my family & friends.


Time with my family & friends. My husband is my high school sweetheart who to this day gives my butterflies. He brings balance to my life and I simply adore him. I am a overall happy person because it’s my choice. Life is very difficult at times for all of us but the Joy I have (come on church) the world didn’t give it & can’t take it away.


I appreciate having the BEST support system in the universe. My immediate family & about 20 close friends will RIDE or DIE for me.


 I am a mental health professional by day. I support & encourage myself all the time. And when I can’t push through I have a team of supporters who are praying for me.


As the host of the 2014 PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event, Staria kept the crowd laughing and I know that she will be delivering more of the same this year. To all of you who will be attendance, prepare to be entertained. Comedian Star Carter

“Choose to be Happy, Stress free & LAUGH”

Welcome Staria and chime in ladies! Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Comedian Star or attending one of her shows?



  1. Marcia
    March 18, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    Star Carter is beyond funny! She is a natural. She keeps you laughing at her material long after you have left the show. I have peed my pants many times laughing at her!