7 Moments In 2015 That Proved Fat Girls Are Winning

Fat Girls Are Winning














For so long, society has placed shame on being plus size and for years, we owned that shame. We allowed that shame to restrict us and break our spirits, we absorbed all of the lies and negativity about who we were and who we were not. However, 2015 proved to be a year when we stepped away from those lies and owned our truth… We Are Winning!

Yes, I know that you have seen us all over the news, social media and everywhere else flaunting our greatness; being bold and oh so unapologetic. Why, many of you might ask, and the answer is… Why not? We have nothing to be ashamed of, we are just as beautiful, capable and intelligent as any other woman.

Sometimes the points that we try to prove to others are actually things that we really need to prove to ourselves. I think that this year not only did fat girls prove to the world that we are winning, we proved it to ourselves. We stepped out of the box and became who we were destined be. We took risk and walked with authority. We dressed like we wanted to dressed. We said what we wanted to say and we danced like not one person was watching.

Although fat girls really turned things up in 2015, I know some of you don’t believe it. Well sweetie, the proof is in the pudding. Allow me to share some of the highlights of 2015 that prove…FAT GIRLS ARE WINNING!


  1. With a new presenting sponsor supporting the vision of the Mogul Diva, FFFWeek returned with a bang in 2015! As a showcase of just how bold and brave plus size women are, Fit For Me by Fruit Of The Loom put on a runway presentation that was without question one of the plus size community’s greatest moments of 2015.


2. For years the plus size community has recognize Tess Holliday as a confident leader and inspiration to many women. However, she proved it to the world when she became the first size 22 model to be signed to an agency. Yes, 2015 was an amazing year for Tess and when the internet trolls came trolling she had no problem setting their asses straight.

Tess Holiday Quote


3. 2015 was a year great year to be a bad ass fat girl and many of us took the opportunity to be just that. With the launching of Lane Bryant‘s, “i’m No Angel” campaign, plus size beauty’s said to hell with those wings and the idea that they had to be the size of a Victoria Secret model. We begin own the truth that we can write their own rules…

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/ChiquisOficial/videos/1063177723724985/” /]

4. While there is still work to be done, this year a lot of brands dared to go there. For years and still today, there are brands who cater to plus size women but show no size diversity publicly. However, 2015 proved to be the year when brands realized that it was time to visually show their target audience that they were here for them. One of those brands was Target, their swim campaign was a game changer that feature plus size blogger Chante Burkett of Everything Curvy and Chic.

Target Swim Campaign

5. When you talk about the plus size industry and community, you are talking big business. Like I said before we are in need of diversity in terms of size and ethnicity. One brand that answered that call in a major way was Eloquii. They answered the call by not only extending their sizes to accommodate up to size 28, They created a lookbook using models that were actually the extended sizes and one of those models was a beautiful size 28 Black model named Emmicia Bracey.

Emmicia Bracey modeling for Eloquii

6. This was a year of boldness for curvy girls, we were loud and proud of who we were. Lane Bryant’s plus is equal campaign played and major role in this. No longer were we willing to settle for second, our truth is that we are equal to any other woman. The campaigns defining moment came as thousand of plus size women made their way to Time Square for a takeover like none other.

7. For years we have been telling you that confidence is sexy in any size and that is a fact…JACK! However, Empire‘s team decided to show and prove. They wrote a steamy sex scene for fellow fat girl Gabourey Sidibe that damn near broke the internet. As usual the trolls came for Gabe and as usual she had no problem clapping back. Feeling bored? Try this site, hdpornvideo.xxx and find some steamy fat girl scene yourself!

Gabourey Sidibe gif

In the event that you still aren’t convinced that fat girls are winning, allow me to share another great moment with you. Did you know that luxury shoe and beauty brand Christian Louboutin recently showcased it’s newest shade of lipstick featuring plus size model Clementine Desseaux? Well they did!!

Clementine Desseauz for Cristian Louboutin

Now if you still aren’t convinced, you must be deaf, dumb and blind! Oh and please note that the year isn’t over yet.

Chime in ladies, what are some of your favorite fat girl moments of 2015?