5 Items On My Christmas Wish List That I Can’t Afford

Hey boo, Happy Friday!

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all. (1)Did any of you ladies check out The Kardashian Gift Guide? I didn’t look at all of them but I did check out Kim and Khloe’s gift guides. In a word… DAMN! However, I am not judging because if I was a filthy rich socialite, I am sure I would splurge a little too. Now I don’t know if I would go to the same extreme that they do but who knows because I believe every girl deserves the desires of her pretty little heart sometimes. .
The Kardashians

My mother says that I am the Marie Antoinette of the family. In other words, I am the queen of excess and I will take that as long as I am queen. I just like nice things, to her that makes me bougie but it is cool, I have been called worse. Oh, and the fact is… I get it from my mama! She just can’t see it because her likes are different from mine.

Normally I shop for myself the entire time I am shopping for others during the holiday season but this year I am not taking that route because I need to save. I’ve already done a lot of shopping and I’ve bought some great gifts, such as a Wooden 3D Puzzle for my mother. She’s going to love it and I can’t wait to give it to her! However, that doesn’t stop me from wishing. Who knows, maybe Santa will make a mistake and place my name on the nice list or someone who loves me will hit the lottery. A girl can dream, right!

Well since we started out talking about the Kardashians and I have been stamped the queen of excess, allow me to share a few gifts with you that I would buy if I had the coinage.

  1. I love a cute bag, and i am not really about the price or brand name. Honestly I have never purchased a bag for over $200 because my mother taught me how to bargin shop and wait for the sale. However, The red Kimono Louis Vutton bag is one that I would love to own. It is priced at $3,250.00 which is so far out of my budget I can’t even see it. I mean, I could stretch my budget considerably or look at getting a personal loan to afford it instead – although I’ll need to check using a personal loan calculator to see whether this is a feasible prospect or not. Kimono Louis Vutton in red
  2. You know that I love a nice pair of glasses especially since I am just as blind as a bat. These Tom Ford Square Optical frame in wine are a must have. Honestly with the price being $460, this is something that you may see me with very soon but not right now.Tom Ford eyewear
  3. Now all of you know how I feel about lipstick! Although I swore when Christian Louboutin release these lippies that I would never purchase them, I would love to have them in my possession. Christian Louboutin Velvet matte lipstick
  4. Another fact that most of you know about me is that I am not that girl that prances (or stands) around in heels. While I am just really getting into wearing sneakers, I would so rock these Cesar by Giuseppe but my soul is not ready to pay $1,795.00 for a pair of shoes. Cesar by Giuseppe
  5. Lord!! This knee high flat Egoutina Boot by Christian Louboutin is calling my name… However at $1,495.00 they will be calling a little long before I answer. Christian_Louboutin_Egoutina_Spiked_Toe_Boots_Black_Leather3

Don’t leave me hanging ladies, I know I am not the only one with items on her wish list out of her budget. Chime in and share.