Vintage By Nakimuli

Hey ladies, happy Monday!

Vintage By NakimuliToday I want to share with you an area of fashion that I love; vintage. Yes, I live for a unique piece that I can make my own. No matter if it is clothing, shoes or accessories, you can’t lose with a great vintage piece.

Initially this post was supposed to be a little different, I was going to share with you the new vintage pieces that Nakimuli had in stock. However, over the weekend most of the pieces sold out. So I canceled my post in an effort to revamp it and still share the looks that were available. Nakimuli

Although the pieces are sold out, I want to encourage all of my vintage loving ladies to follow Nakimuli on social media so that you will know in real time when there is new inventory because clearly you can’t even wait a day or two. LOL!!!

Yes, the merchandise is just that hot! Nakimuli’s designer Tennille McMillian is known for very original and oh so funky designs. She has no fear when it comes to patterns, textures or sizes. She never hesitates to cater to the curvy girls in the same manner that she does other women. With all of this in mind, I am not shocked that she goes out of her way to assure that her vintage merchandise is on the same level. But… Don’t just take my word for it, you be the judge.


So, what do you think? Which pieces would you rock? For me, I would have to say… ALL! CHIME IN LADIES!