READER’S REVIEW: 10 Lippies That Are Perfect For Fall

Instagram Post (7)I think all of my readers are clear on how I feel about lipstick.  In the event that you are not, I am obsessed!! I can’t even lie!  I have more lipstick than I care to admit and I make a purchase at least once a month (most times more).

I know that my lipstick obsession comes from my love of makeup and the fact that I am restricted.  I have two different eye diseases and my eyes flare up with out warning.  Due to this i stay away from eye makeup and focus on making sure my lipstick is poppin (I hate lipgloss).

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to turn the tables and find out what some of my reader’s favorite Fall  lippies are. Today, I will share three of them with you along with a few goodies I found on Instagram. Check them out below.

  1.  This is Voodoo by Iman with MAC‘s Nightmoth as the liner.  My IG is Ms_Williams_2_U.


2. A great nude look for any girl. Ruby Kisses “Nude Rose” Matte Lipstick.
IG: looksbyeboni_llc


3.  I stumbled into this color mixing 3 favorite Lipsticks from my collection is Jay-Jill Extreme Lipstick in  White Out, Goth & Melinda. .All 3 can be found at Jay-Jill Cosmetics


4.  Nothing says “hello Autumn” like a black lip.  I know that everyone is not a fan but I live for a black lip with the right look.  


5.  Matador is one of my favorite lippies by Magnolia Makeup.  You can’t go wrong with a dark ox blood red.   


6. This look is life!!!  I own Darkroom and I have to say it doesn’t look like this on me, maybe I should invest in a Nightmoth liner. 


7. Sometimes you have to do a little chemistry (mixing) to get the right formula.  The combination of NYX Transylvania & Black Up Jum is perfection.


8. Although it is bright, this orange tone totally says Fall.


9. YES!!! This deep purple is the truth! 


10.  No matter the season, a red lip is always appropriate.  I love MAC’s Ruby Woo despite the many options of red that I own.


I am sure you know I could go on and on (in my Erykah Badu voice) but I won’t.  Just know that there are some great brands and options out there.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and step out of your box.

Oh, and share a few of your favorites.